CCM Jetspeed Roller Skates Review

It?s hard to come up with roller hockey skates that offer pro-level performance, stiffness and comfort without having to take a heavy chunk out of your wallet. It?s not even funny how often I have baked skates over and over again to get the fit right even though my feet are normal width.

And losing power in my strides is not an option. It?s just too risky when you are playing for high stakes. It?s quick out there on the playground and the ability for me to gain speed quickly and have efficient energy transfer is massively important. Imagine your skates feeling uncomfortable and providing little support through your strides. Not fun. So it’s key that we get the best hockey skates for the money that we pay as the top end skates aren’t exactly cheap.

Now you’re probably wondering “but what can I do about it?”

Obviously, not one skate is going to have everything you want as there might be personal preferences which nothing can be done about.

But what if I told you that there is a skate that will offer all of the features to meet their needs?

Sounds like a dream, right?

Well, guess what? There actually is such a skate and it is currently the best selling skates on the market right now.

It is the CCM Jetspeed Roller Hockey Skates. It’s is an equipment that provides snug like feel around your feet while offering impressive levels of support. In fact, the advanced elite players use the very same skates to maintain their high level performances!

CCM Jetspeed Roller Skates

What Exactly Does it Do?

These powerful little skates are like your own personal rocket propellers. It truly is the power player on the market!

  • It automatically gives you spectacular grip as well as speed?with the impressive Labeda Addiction wheels which still feel great after long term use and little signs of wear.
  • It uses a Rocketframe Composite Quarter Package?which is going to be huge jump in stiffness as well as extremely lightweight feel.
  • It offers snug like feel around your feet?giving you just the optimal fit which is extremely comfortable and doesn?t take long to break in.

So with the CCM Jetspeed, you never have to be worried about the loose fit of the skates or any abrasions preventing any discomfort to your feet.

What About If It Doesn?t Fit Well?

Not a big deal. Simply bake it.

If you bake your Jetspeed roller skates, you can easily adjust them according to your personal fit and maintaining impressive energy transfer in your strides.

What Else Does it Do?

Not only will it fit so well around your feet, but getting into the liner, we see a couple of key features down in there as well.

There are durable wear patches on the top of the eyelets to give you a little more life expectancy out of the liner. Up near the top, we also have some comfort wraps to give you relief from high ankle abrasion and then the liner itself is going to be dual zone liner which is extremely comfortable.

Down through the centre, it is also going to be a really nice material that?s soft but it?s also got a little bit of an abrasive feel to it to really help lock you in.

But here is the thing, it?s also going to help which away moisture to keep your feet dry.

CCM Jetspeed Roller Hockey Skates

How Much Does It Cost?

Its retail price is $699.99. But because CCM Jetspeed Roller Skates is currently the bestselling skates on the market, you can get these for a great price on Hockey Monkey with over 30% off.

Where Can You Get it?

You can?buy it directly from the company’s website by clicking here.