Mission Inhaler DS5 Roller Blades Review

Here at What All The Pros Use, we want ?to help hockey player’sfrom all walks of life whether you are a hockey player from the south or from the way north. we believe It doesn’t matter where you come from, all that matters is having a good resource and the right ?equipment and you’re good to go. So that’s why im going to review street hockey equipment on this site as well. So let’s ?get on with the review shall we.


The Mission Inhaler DS5 Skate is a great practical roller blade for anyone who plays street hockey. For the money you’re getting a great skate. I’ve personally used ?this skate myself for two years straight and I love them. As we all know, in street hockey it’s usually pretty warm outside. The great thing about DS5 ?is that they have wide breathing vents on the front as well a nice hard plastic shell to protect the toes. comfortability is great, after two years I can say mine have a good mold to my feet and keeps it nice and firm. I think the longest time I spent in these skates was 3-4 hours and my feet felt just fine afterwards. The durability of these skates is crazy good, i’ve fallen, scrapted, and have done all sorts of things to these skates and they still look great and keep a firm structure for my feet and ankles. Over all a great skate for the money and if you play a lot of street hockey I would definitley pick up a pair of these.