CCM 252 Heat Wood Stick Review


The CCM 252 Wooden stick is a practical buy for street hockey uses. With the composite stick blades always burning up, Wooden sticks are the cheaper longer lasting alternative for asphault. I play a lot of street hockey and have used this stick in paticular for doing so. Only a few have broken after a couple months of use and I don’t mind because they’re only $23. Also because of them being heavier it strengthens your arms and hands which make being on the ice handleing way easier in my opinion. There’s many wooden sticks out there that you can use, but I just prefer the CCM. I hope this review was helpful for you if you’re having the problems with your perfectly good composite sticks getting worn down or broken because of asphault. This is also a cheaper alternative to the synthetic ice l reviewed a few days ago if you are on more of a budget. In conclusion this stick is great for something to practice with in the driveway!