Cheap Hockey Sticks

Finding an affordable hockey stick

For some people, finding a stick in their budget can be difficult. There are a lot of alternatives to this issue thankfully. We here at What All The Pros Use take a lot of pride in helping you find what your looking for. We review a range of sticks from pro level to the basics like wooden sticks. We give every review our full attention to detail to try and give you a valuable?article so you can make a better decision. You can check out our Home Page to see many other reviews on all types of hockey products we’ve done. Cheap hockey sticks?cheap hockey sticks

Cheap Wooden Hockey Sticks

Wooden sticks are great for street hockey, while composite sticks easily get worn down by the asphalt. They also are heavier which make you work harder and strengthen your arms and hands just like the batters do in baseball before they go up to bat. The affordability is the best part about this kind of stick. Their good for ice as well if you are needing something on the spot for an emergency. If you could shortly describe wooden sticks, it would have to be durable and affordable. Here’s a review we did a couple weeks ago on the?CCM Heat 252 Wooden stick


Cheap Composite Sticks

There are many composite sticks out there on the market that are affordable as well. From personal experience, Bauer makes a wide range of sticks on all different price points. When I first got into the sport I used the Bauer Supreme 170, and it worked great for me as a beginner. Take a look around your local hockey store to find one as well, we do reviews on sticks as well that can help you in finding a stick that you need. I personally used this stick myself for a year and reviewed it;?Easton V5E.

Cheap Goalie Sticks

We haven’t made any reviews on this site for goalie equipment yet due to not having a goalie on our team here at What All The Pros Use. We expect to have one here shortly as we are looking at prospects. Despite that, I have talked to many goalies in my day and they all seem to have the same problem finding affordable goalie gear. Sticks especially seem to be a big problem. Wooden goalie sticks seem to be an alternative for most. It depends on your preference and what your budget is. Talking to other goalies or forums can also be very helpful.