Easton V5E Stick Review


As a user of the Easton V5E, I have to say that it’s very accurate but as a smaller player I found a lot of the time I couldn’t take advantage of the flex in taking a slap shot. But if you’re a bigger stonger player (like James Neal) you will do much better with your shot because this is definetly a more solid stick. I did find I had more control in my snap shots and wrist shots than the previous Bauer supreme I was using. To be completley honest I had trouble with my stick handeling because I had chosen the wrong foot angle. Again It’s very important to look at how a piece of equipment will fit you and your style of play. That’s where I went wrong with this stick because I bought it for the wrong reasons. It’s an amazing stick do not get me wrong but I got the wrong flex and everything in the toe was not set up for me. The Biggest advantage with this stick is it’s accuracy for sure. So in conclusion, this is a great stick that would fit a bigger player more than anyone else. Very accurate and i’ve seen bigger guy’s use it and they say the slap shot is awesome. So I gotta say this is defininetly a stick for a sniper.