Tacks CCM Stick Review


The Tacks CCM hockey stick is used all across the NHL. Many pros such as Roman Josi, Ryan Duchene, Pavel Datsyuk, Sidney Crosby and many others have used this paticular stick.? Currently there are? plenty of different models of the stick available this season, but I think we can all agree the Ultra and the Super models are the best ones out there. Now these two sticks don’t even feel like they’re from the same manufacturer, they are so different, but they are also awesome and im gonna tell you why.

Super Tacks: So both sticks are pretty stiff hence amazingly acurate, but the Super is paticularly more stiff on the bottom half so for slapshots you’re going to want to shoot with your hand lower on the stick. ?This stick is actually thicker than the ultra tacks which is what some people prefer

Ultra Tacks: This one is going to be flexible throughout the whole stick if that’s you’re preference, but also very strong. so if you like to dangle a lot, this stick is going to be more for you. Also that flex and strength combination will help with those mid kick shots it was designed for. This also has the bumper technology which is going to increase the life expectancy of the stick.

So in conclusion I prefer the Ultra Tacks because I am more of a speed player and I am smaller in size. It really depends on how you play and what you prefer in your shot. Both sticks are very light and durable but also very different in how they handle and shoot.