Best Hockey Jock Straps Of 2019 – Review

Dangers Of Hockey

Hockey is a very dangerous sport and is very fast paced. The puck can go anywhere and that means you gotta protect the family jewels! With all jokes aside, things can get pretty hectic out there and anything could happen. Like the last NHL season where a player got hit in the cup and it cracked because it was cheap. We don’t want that happening to you and we’re sure you don’t want that to happen to you. So we’re going to review the top jock straps of 2019 here today.

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Jock Strap Sizing

Most of the products we show here are shock doctor so we will go ahead and equip you with this handy sizing chart from them

jock strap sizing

Hockey Jocks

Choosing the the right cup is a serious thing to really think about… especially if you’re a goalie. Everyone moves differently on the ice and that should mean players should choose different types of jocks whether its size, shape, or brand. Also different types of shorts are a decision to make as well, you may like loose shorts, compression shorts or leggings. Either way you can always change out the cup and keep the shorts you like to stay as comfortable and flexible as possible. So first we will go over shorts, and leggings to hold the cup and then we will go over the cups themselves to help you out as much as possible. Because let’s be honest, if you don’t get your situation down there right, the game isn’t going to be much fun am I right? We understand this at What All The Pros Use and we do this to help you out the best we can. So let’s get on with the review shall we?

Jock Shorts And Pants

The decision is yours whether you want loose shorts, compression shorts, or leggings. We are going to cover them all right here.

Shock Doctor Men’s Core Loose Hockey Shorts?


  • Freedom of movement
  • Great protection
  • Breathability
  • Very durable ? ?


  • Some players complain about the legs being too loose
  • Could be a tighter fit around the crotch

Conclusion:?I’ve seen many team mates use these although I can say I’ve never tried looser short, I’ve always gone compression. From what my team mates say and reviews online, this seems to be a great pair of shorts that give you a sense of?maneuverability and breathability. Some larger waisted people have complained that they fit too tight and recommend you should buy a couple sizes higher than what you would normally wear.

Shock Doctor 221 Compression Short with BioFlex Cup


  • Flexible
  • Sweat wicking
  • Cup is flexible and highly protective
  • Pocket conforms to your body


  • Older users have complained about pinching

Conclusion:?A big con about this jock is the older crowd of player’s saying when they move a lot they get pinched and the cup does not sit closer to them. When you look at what parents say of six to ten year old’s, they love it and says it fits great. So our conclusion is these work fantastic for younger children and not so much for the older crowds going from 16 and up. The reason this is on our top list is the quality and the freedom of movement. So take these into consideration before buying.

Under Armour Purestrike Grippy Comp Hockey Jock Pant Sr


  • Comfortable Fit
  • Wick sweat very well
  • Covers the whole leg
  • Cool design


  • Some players prefer to wear shorts
  • Run a little smaller

Conclusion: As a user a user of these, I can personally say they are the most comfortable and practical jocks out there on the market. I’m a huge fan of Under Armour because of the quality and fit of their products. These do run a little small and I suggest you get a size a little bigger than what you usually get because I had to return mine after getting a smaller size. I absolutely recommend these if you like to wear compression leggings and not feel your shin guards rub against your legs. The top of my list.

Shock Doctor Core Hockey Pants


  • Full leg compression
  • Ultimate cool and dry fibers
  • Integrated cup pocket for better movement


  • Can be itchy if you’re not used to compression
  • A little thick, but somehow keeps you cool

Conclusion:?My first impression of these were that they were real thick, I thought this would hold heat in and restrict my flexibility. To my surprise, these actually kept me very cool, almost cold! I had no idea what they put in this fabric but it worked out great. The only problem I had with them is they were itchy at the stitches, but I got used to it after a couple days of playing. These are overall a great pair of pants and I will certainly recommend them.

?Best Hockey Cups

Jocks are a great way to insure your comfort-ability, but they don’t always come with the best cups and some don’t even come with cups. So here’s the top four cups on our list.

?Shock Doctor Boy’s BioFlex Cup

?best hockey cups on the marketSpecs:?

  • Leading sports protection manufacturer
  • Performance and protection in mind
  • Worn by professional and college athletes worldwide
  • K-Resin, Thermal Plastic Urethane
  • Sustains 70-80 mph impacts before deformation

Under Armour Men’s Armour Athletic Cup II

Under Armour Hockey Cup


  • 51% Thermoplastic Olefin, 49% Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • Durable hard-shell protective cup protects you by taking the hit for you
  • TPU border and side athletic cup inserts provide comfort and flexibility
  • Top and side vents dump excess heat to keep you comfortable
  • Protect This House graphic on cup?


Shock Doctor Ultra Carbon Flex Cup?

shock doctor ultra carbon flex cup


  • IMPACT SHIELD – Deflects impact
  • PATENTED MULTI-LAYER PROTECTION – Transfers shock away from vital areas
  • TPO SHELL – Material developed for auto impact bumpers
  • FLEX CURVE DESIGN – Mirrors the body shape and is narrower between the legs allowing unrestricted movement and improved comfort

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  • Ultimate comfort fit with a unique design that allows impact force to be displaced across body mass creating minimal felt force/shock in protected area
  • Aerospace materials (kevlar, Carbon fiber, Uhmwpe, Urethane, and high stength laminating and structural epoxies.
  • Bullet resistant strength.
  • Inovative and advanced technology for superior comfort and protection, boosts mental confidence.



We hope this post was very helpful for you and you now have a clearer choice of what you’re going for. For more reviews like this be sure to check out some of our other post like?The Best Hockey Sticks of 2019 ? Review