Best Lacrosse Cleats (2021) ? Men?s & Women?s Lacrosse Cleats

For lacrosse players, lacrosse cleats are definitely the most important piece of equipment that you wear. Because of that, it is necessary that you get the best lacrosse cleats possible. 

Your cleats are really an extension of your feet and need to fit well to do the job.

Yet, the right cleats for you will depend on your needs. Attackers need different cleats than midfielders. Defensemen need different cleats than either of the other two. Women also have different cleat needs than men typically do.

Looking for the right cleats might seem daunting since there are so many different types out on the market, but we have compiled the best lacrosse cleats out there, meeting your individual needs as a player.

Lacrosse Cleats Sizing & Fit

Lacrosse Cleats Reviews

It?s no secret that you want to make sure first and foremost the cleats fit your feet. It?s almost shocking how often you see players with shoes that are either too big or too small for them. 

You wouldn?t usually do this with your everyday shoes and it?s exactly the same with cleats.

Remember, they are also important for protection because shoes that do not fit you properly can cause injuries to not only your feet but also your legs. 

Most commonly we see shoes that are too bit which means your feet will be sliding all over the place and affect your general playing, this is really bad for your feet and should be avoided.

What you will also notice is that you will have the choice of different cleats in terms of ankle support. The most popular option is the mid-top option but you also have the low-cut or high top option.

Mid-Cut Lacrosse Cleats

The mid-tops offer a bit of everything as they offer protection without compromising too much flexibility.

High-Cut Lacrosse Cleats

In contrast, the high-tops are for players that are all about protection for the ankles from when you are running or contact during gameplay. So this type of fit is perfect for defensive players who need more stability.

Low-Cut Lacrosse Cleats

Now with low-cuts, they are the other end of the spectrum with ultimate flexibility. These are perfect for quick players because they tend to be lightweight without any restrictions around the ankles. Obviously, with that comes a slightly higher risk of injury but if you have the ankle flexibility to make quick cuts then this would be the right type of cleat for you.

10 Best Lacrosse Cleats (2021)


Skill Level



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1. New Balance Freeze LX

Editor's Choice




2. Nike Alpha Huarache 6

High Performance




3. New Balance Rush LX

Budget Friendly




4. Under Armour MC

Best Women's Lacrosse Cleats




5. UM Highlight MC




6. Nike Vapor Speed 2 TD




7. New Balance BurnX 2

For Wide Feet




8. Under Armour Banshee




9. Nike Huarache 7 Elite




10. New Balance Kids

For Youth




1. New Balance Freeze LX 2.0 Lacrosse Cleats

Best Lacrosse Cleats (Editor's Choice)

The New Balance Freeze LX 2.0 cleats include a 3D saddle that has been woven into the plate. This is incredibly effective at providing you with a ton of support when it comes to making harsh cuts.

New Balance Freeze LX Lacrosse Cleats

You?re also provided with plenty of traction unilaterally. So, you can make quick changes of direction and feel stable. In addition to this, there?s an elastic heel band available on the exterior of the cleats that enable you to have even more support.

With a FreshFoam insert included, you?re able to play lacrosse and feel super comfortable. These foam materials are excellent for providing you with a cushion that?s comfortable ? it also prevents your feet from slipping inside your shoe.

People have also been liking how they are able to experience a more customized fit with these cleats. As a result, you?re able to wear them and have them fit to your exact preferences.

We also liked how there?s a Dual-Density TPU plate available. It works well to allow you to feel very flexible to be able to play with more mobility.

Overall: New Balance have always been great when it comes to footwear especially for comfort. These are so comfortable and have such nice anatomical fit. You may have to buy half a size bigger but if you have narrow feet then these are a great choice.

2. Nike Alpha Huarache 6 Elite Lacrosse Cleats

High Performance

Nike?s Huarache 6 Elite cleats have been implemented with a tongue that is made out of mesh materials. As a result, you?re able to wear the cleats and feel super comfortable. The mesh design is also excellent for providing you with a lot of flexibility.

Nike Alpha Huarache 6 Elite Lacrosse Cleats

The textile saddle that has been woven doesn?t stretch. Therefore, any distortion is minimized to allow your feet to breathe easier. This adds to the comfort features. We also liked how the design is lightweight as it lets you move with more speed.

There is a range of 14 TPU pegs available that are lightweight. They are excellent for providing you with a ton of traction to keep you stable at all times. In addition to this, they?ve created this cleats with a custom fit.

As a result, you?re able to wear them and perform to the best of your abilities. We were also impressed with how they have incorporated a high-quality VaporTek liner. This is a special liner that works well to prevent moisture from building up.

Therefore, you?re able to play intense games and not have to worry about your feet becoming sweaty. The special liner wicks away the moisture to keep your feet dry and cool.

Overall: I?m sure you don?t need any convincing for Nike as a brand but even seeing these right out of the box, you realize just how awesome they look. Nike have done such a good job with the design for these and you?ll look sweet out there.

3. New Balance RushLX Lacrosse Cleats

Budget Friendly

The New Balance RushLX cleats provide you with a fantastic blend of comfort and performance. It features an upper layer that has been made using synthetic materials. This allows you to move with plenty of flexibility to keep you fast while playing.

New Balance Rush LX Lacrosse CleatsNike Alpha Huarache 6 Elite Lacrosse Cleats

Data driven for ultimate traction

We liked how the outside cleat includes a TPU molded design as it provides you with an incredible amount of traction. Therefore, you?re able to move around with speed and remain stable. A TPU plate is also available on the underfoot.

This allows you to have total control while playing. It also has a lightweight design. In addition to this, the outsoles have been constructed using a TRP material. We found that this provides the cleats with a lot of durability to last you for a long time. They?re also very flexible to let you play with plenty of agility.

Overall: Another feature for New Balance on the list! Another super comfy pair of cleats that boasts some awesome traction for those quick sharp cuts. Again, they are pretty consistent when it comes to providing awesome durable cleats and this is absolutely no different.

4. Under Armour Women?s Highlight MC

Best Women's Lacrosse Cleats

The best women?s lacrosse cleats that you can get are the Under Armour Women?s Highlight MC. These cleats feature a Clutchfit upper with molded 4D foam in the footbed. The goal is to give you an excellent fit and reduced clean pressure for better performance.

Under Armour Highlight MC Womens Lacrosse Cleats

In design, the interior foam cushions your ankle and heel, reducing the risk of heel slip while keeping you as comfortable as possible. It also has a lightweight TPU plate that delivers enhanced traction, stability, and lockdown. The appearance of the cleats is also attractive, as it is a white upper with gold accents.

The Clutchfit technology within the shoes is an Under Armour feature that aims to give you a perfect fit, as if the shoes were made for your feet. Combined with the foam, your feet will have a reduced amount of cleat pressure and a great fit.

Overall: The Under Armour Women?s Highlight MC cleats aim to give you the most comfortable, second-skin fit possible. They might not be as comfortable for players with wider feet, but they also have a lot of give to so you can have a no-slip fit. They might take time to break in.

5. Under Armour Highlight MC Lacrosse Cleats

These Highlight MC cleats by Under Armour have been implemented with a TPU frame that has been melted under hot temperatures and woven. This provides it with a very technological feature that allows you to wear the cleats and feel super comfortable and stable.

With a CompFit feature, you?re also able to wear these cleats and have them fit you exactly how you like. This is because the CompFit design provides you with a customized fit. As a result, you?re able to achieve a snug fit, which is effective for boosting your speed and mobility.

The 3D molded tongue is also effective to enabling you to feel more comfortable and secure. The SuperFoam insole is remarkable at working to keep you well protected. It works by absorbing any impacts. These materials also feel very comfortable.

From the worst cleats on the market to some of the best performing!

If you are a big cleat fan then you will probably know that Under Armour haven?t always been popular when it comes to traction and some would go as far as to say some of the worst traction on the market. However, with these Under Armour have really some impressive changes.

People have been appreciating how there are triangular studs available. They are awesome for providing you with a lot of traction which can be handy when it comes to making quick changes in direction.

Overall: As you as you get these on, you can feel that awesome traction from the triangular studs which they didn?t have before. Under Armour have really stepped up their game when they bought these out.  Needless to say they are super comfy and just feel awesome on your feet. You will not be disappointed with these.

6. Nike Vapor Pro Lacrosse Cleats

Again another feature for Nike when it comes to footwear.. shock!!! These Vapors remind me of the days of playing Soccer in school and take me right back to teenage years. I've always loved the design when it comes to Nike products and you can check out our article on the best Lacrosse Heads where talk about Nike's impressive designs in depth.

Now then these cleats at just 9.4oz, you can be sure that these cleats will feel very lightweight to wear. This enables you to move with a lot of speed while you?re playing. We were impressed with how Nike?s Vapor Pro design has been made for players who want to achieve maximum speed.

With a mesh materials available on the upper portion of these cleats, you?re able to wear them for long games and feel completely comfortable. These mesh materials are also super breathable. As a result, you?re able to let your feet breathe which allows them to remain cool and dry.

By preventing the moisture and sweat from building up inside the cleats, you?ll find that there aren?t as many odors. We also liked how they have used a high-quality PU foam that?s been implemented with poron inserts for the midsole.

The PU foam and poron inserts work incredibly well together to provide you with a ton of support and comfort. In addition to this, the outsole has been made using molded TPU materials.

We found that this feature provides players with more traction and stability. The more traction and stability you have, the faster you?re able to move, while also remaining upright.

Overall: These cleats are perfect for entry-level players that are looking for speed. The multi-directional traction really feel awesome out there while feeling lightweight. We also love how they feel like they mould to your feel almost like a glove. You will not be disappointed!

7. New Balance Burn X 2 Lacrosse Cleats

For Wide Feet

The New Balance Burn X cleats have been designed with speed in mind. We liked how they?ve also made it super comfortable to wear for longer games. This is largely a result of the insert that?s available that has been made out of plush materials.

These inserts provide you with a super snug fit that feels comfortable and hugs your feet. They also enable your feet to stay securely in place to ensure that you?re able to generate as much power as possible while being stable.

There?s a unique plate built-in to these cleats that enable you to have tons of power while running downhill. As a result, you?re able to accelerate with a lot of speed to put you ahead of your opponents.

With a dual-density TPU, you?re able to play while feeling incredibly stable. This is because the plate works effectively to provide you with plenty of traction. We also liked how the plate enables you to move with a lot of flexibility.

A TPR outsole has been incorporated into the design too. As a result, you can feel confident in knowing that these cleats will remain durable or a long time. This outsole design is another excellent feature that adds to the flexibility benefits.

Overall: Designed for straight line speed, New Balance have done an impressive job with these. They include a foam insert with these which is their top-of-the-line cushioning material and really helps with playing on those harder surfaces.

8. Under Armour Banshee Lacrosse Cleats

Under Armour?s Banshee cleats have been made using yarns that have been coated in TPU. As a result, you?re provided with a lot of stability and support that allows you to move with speed and precision.

The lightweight design of these cleats is also fantastic for ensuring that you?re able to move with speed and agility. In order to keep the cleats durable, they?ve implemented a synthetic material over the toe box.

We liked how there is a support cage made out of PU materials. It?s excellent for enabling you to have added support when it comes to moving in lateral directions. To ensure that you have even more support, there?s a neoprene design for the ankle collars.

These are also effective for providing you with plenty of ankle support. A tongue that has been made out of mesh is available too. This is excellent for keeping your feet cool and dry since it?s a breathable fabric that lets lots of air flow throughout the cleats.

In addition to this, a 4D foam footbed has been implemented which provides you with a contoured design. As a result, you?re always able to feel comfortable while wearing the cleats.

Overall: Awesome value for money for a cleat that offers all-round performance. Another cool feature for Under Armour and these we think jus have everything going for it. It looks awesome, feels awesome on your feet and have a nice tight snug fit to stop it moving around too much. 

9. Nike Alpha Huarache 7 Elite Lacrosse Cleats

These Alpha Huarache 6 Elite cleats by Bike have been implemented with a combination of textile and synthetic components. The result is pretty great as these cleats are super breathable and durable.

So, you can expect to get plenty of use out of them for a while to come. The breathability aspect means that you?re able to wear the cleats and keep your feet cool and dry. The air that flows throughout your feet prevents excess moisture from building up, which also keeps the cleats free from odors.

In addition to this, there?s Dynamic Fit Technology available too. This is excellent for providing you with a customized fit that keeps your feet completely stable. We also liked how there are foam materials used for the midsole.

This is fantastic for enabling you to feel super comfortable while playing. With rubber lugs, you can also be assured to play lacrosse with tons of traction on ground that?s artificial.

Overall: The Huaraches were mentioned earlier at number 2 and between these two there really isn?t much in terms of quality. These are really well known because of how durable they are which you usually get with Nike footwear anyway.

10. New Balance Kids? Freeze 2.0 Lacrosse Cleats

For Youth

The perfect lacrosse cleats for kids are the New Balance Kids? Freeze 2.0. These are made with children in mind, giving them the right amount of comfort and performance.

The Freeze 2.0 cleats have a mesh upper that provide both breathability and flexibility. Attached to the lacrosse plate, your kids will be able to make hard cuts without too much effort. There is a TPU skin as well to give you a little more life out of the cleats, which is important if your children are hard on them. The TPU plate itself is made to help with traction, stability, and flexibility, so your child can really dig in during the game.

The base lugs on the cleats give underfoot traction while also delivering on rotational freedom, so just because the cleats have dug in to get a grip does not mean that the players will be locked in place.

Overall: New Balance has created the ideal lacrosse cleats for children with the Freeze 2.0. They give children the right amount of traction in order to play to the best of their ability, but do not sacrifice any comfort in order to achieve it.

Lacrosse Cleats Material


Synthetic, or man-made materials, have become the norm in all sports. They can be easily made to suit individual needs and do not require the same about of break-in time that leather shoes do.

On the downside, if they do not fit well when you buy them, chances are that they will never really fit well. They are normally entirely waterproof. Their durability is based more on the manufacturing of the shoes, as some are better-made than others.


Leather used to be the standard for lacrosse cleats, but as time as gone on, the material is becoming less popular. On the plus side, they are somewhat water resistant, naturally breathable and they do mold to your feet for a comfortable fit.

They are not as durable as other materials. You do not typically see all-leather lacrosse cleats anymore as they are normally paired up with a synthetic material. Players either love leather cleats or they hate them.


Foam is the last material type you can get with lacrosse cleats and it is by far the least popular choice. Foam material can be used in the design of the upper, but it will not protect you from the elements at all. Foam shoes are not durable in any way and they cannot keep out any water.

Recommended Lacrosse Cleats Designs For Different Positions

Lacrosse Cleats For Defense

Typically, defense positions opt for cleats that are low-tops, which are pretty close to the appearance of a standard running shoe and more inline appearance-wise with soccer cleats.

They are the most exposed kind of cleat, so if you have any kind of ankle injuries or are prone to injury, they are not the safest type of cleat for you. Low-tops are popular, because they offer a high amount of flexibility compared to other kinds.

Best Lacrosse Cleats For Midfielders

Midfielders still need a good level of protection, but not as high as attackers do. For that reason, midfielders can usually do well with mid-level cleats. While low-tops are popular with some, mid-level cleats are certainly the most-used.

They are a nice compromise between being flexible and protected, as they offer more protection than low-tops do. These are not good for players with chronic ankle issues as they do not offer maximum support.

For Attack

Attackers and players with ankle problems will do best with high-top cleats. They offer support as well as protection to the ankles, which is essential for attacking positions.

Taking a hit to the ankle is all-too-common in lacrosse, especially for attackers who are literally seeking out opponents. They are a little heavier than the other styles of cleats, which might make a difference in whether they are a good choice for you.

Lacrosse Cleats Studs

Lacrosse Cleats Studs

Molded Lacrosse Cleats

Molded cleats are the most-used type of cleats. They are typically build-in spikes that are made out of rubber. There are 10 rubber cleats on each shoe to give you the best kind of traction possible.

These cleats are long and will dig in hard to the ground, giving you a good amount of stability for turning while also helping to protect your ankle from rolling. They can be used anywhere, but they also run the risk of destroying the terrain, so always make sure to ask whether the cleats are allowed before using them.

Turf Lacrosse Cleats

Turf lacrosse cleats are made for players who play on turf rather than grass. The difference is that they come with small nubs on the sole which can help dig into turf to give you overall better traction.

They really only work with turf, however, making them a poor choice for grass or wet and muddy playing conditions. The short nubs cannot dig into that kind of terrain and you will not get any traction. Their appearance varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so there is no exact design to how the turf cleats are laid out.


Also known as interchangeable cleats, detachable cleats come off so that you can change them out. Usually only the most experienced lacrosse players will opt for these as they are more expensive than the molded cleats and not everyone needs such a high level of customization from their cleats.

They are really nice if you play on both grass and turf and would like the option to wear the same shoes on both types of fields. They are also nice if you want to change out the cleats depending on weather, using longer cleats when it is wet and muddy and shorter ones when it is dry.

Can You Wear Football Cleats For Lacrosse?

This is a common question, because the cleats have a lot of similarities. Both types of cleats require stability on wet, grassy terrain. They both use the same kinds of materials in the manufacturing of them and both use molded cleats.

The difference really comes down to breathability. Football cleats are intended more for high protection against other players? cleats. Lacrosse cleats usually have more venting to help keep feet dry. Lacrosse cleats also have more studs than football cleats, which mean they offer better traction than you get from football cleats.

So can you wear football cleats for lacrosse? Generally, you can wear football cleats in lacrosse, but you might have more protection with less traction. It would be better to get a lacrosse pair of cleats.

Lacrosse Cleats vs Soccer Cleats

Can you use soccer cleats for lacrosse? If you are in a pinch, you can wear soccer cleats in a lacrosse game, but you would never want to wear lacrosse cleats in a soccer game. The studs on lacrosse cleats are more severe than on soccer cleats. They also have a toe stud, which is not found on soccer cleats. 

Soccer cleats are normally low-cut as well, exposing players? ankles to being hit. While there are low-cut lacrosse cleats as well, they are just not as safe as a mid-level cleat would be. Lacrosse cleats would be dangerous in a soccer game, so never attempt it.

What's The Difference Between Men's vs Women's Lacrosse Cleats

While it might seem like all lacrosse cleats should be the same, there are some differences between men?s and women?s lacrosse cleats.

Generally, women?s cleats are narrower in the forefoot and the heel, giving players a tighter fit. Meanwhile, men?s cleats are wider in the forefoot, but they do sometimes have a narrow heel as well.

Some women prefer the wide forefoot and will wear men?s shoes and some men have narrower feet and prefer women?s cleats. To choose the right cleats, it really just comes down to what the most appropriate fit is for your needs.

How To Choose Lacrosse Cleats For Wide Feet

Lacrosse cleats are meant to be snug so that they do not slip around on your feet. They really should act like a second-skin around your feet. But, having lacrosse cleats that are too tight will impede your ability to play.

When you are looking for lacrosse cleats to fit wide feet, you should make sure they are wide enough that your feet are comfortable. Your toes should also not quite touch the ends of the shoes and your heels should be locked down in the back.

You will get blisters if the heel doesn?t fit right, so don?t get one that is too loose.

Final Words

Our choice for the best lacrosse cleats are the New Balance Freeze LX 2.0 cleats. They offer an anatomical fit and are incredibly comfortable. 

They might not work for wide feet, but they are still a great choice. If you are looking for a high performance lacrosse cleat, the Nike Alpha Huarache 6 Elite lacrosse cleats might be just what you need. 

They are lightweight, durable, will keep your feet dry, and give you the sticking power you need to be fast on your feet. For women?s cleats, the Under Armour Highlight MC cleats are a great choice. They are both comfortable and durable and will get the job done. Overall, choose the cleats that work best for your needs.