10 Best Defense Lacrosse Shafts (2020) – Defensive Lacrosse Shafts

What’s the best defense lacrosse shaft for you that actually feels nice to grip? There are so many different options out there in the market right now that boast different features and technologies.

We’ve analysed and tested over 20 defensive lacrosse shafts and believe that the best defensive shaft right now is the East Coast Dyes Carbon 2.0 The ECD Carbon 2.0 range is pretty well known in the lacrosse world and the shafts boast an awesome range of colors.

They were so popular last month, 364 were sold just of this product range mostly because of their awesome price. The grip is pretty cool too and feels lightweight in your hands so that it makes life easier out when you are out there playing.

Obviously, with so many shafts around, buying a new shaft can seem a little overwhelming. At this point you may not even know if you are a defenseman or an attacker especially if you are brand new to the sport.

This article is for defensive players but if you are an attacker yourself then you may want to check out our guide best attack lacrosse shafts right now.

The most important thing is that whether you are an attacker or a defensemen, a complete new or playing in the NLL, there is definitely a lacrosse shaft for you.

To us, East Coast Dyes is a market leader when it comes to defensive lacrosse shafts but obviously sometimes the products can come at a premium price.

Unlike some of the other brands though, East Coast Dyes does offer a fantastic range of prices but it’s always good to spend a bit of time looking around and hopefully in this article we can introduce some brands you may not have heard of before and save you a little bit of money.

In this article, we have put together our top picks of the best defense lacrosse shafts and we have tried to not nerd out too much on here but to mention how the shafts will help your game. 

Don’t forget, if you are looking to purchase also the head to go along with the shaft then here is a look at the best lacrosse heads available right now. We can also show you some of the top rated complete defense sticks which makes the decision much easier.

10 Best Defense Lacrosse Shafts 2020


Skill level



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1. ECD Carbon 2.0

Editor's Choice




2. STX Hammer 7000

Budget Friendly


Light Alloy


3. Epoch Dragonfly C60

High Performance




4. Warrior Regulator




5. ECD Carbon 60




6. STX Shift SC-TI




7. Maverik Mission


Light Alloy


8. Under Armour




9. STX Hammer SC




10. Warrior Evo Pro




1. East Coast Dyes Men's Carbon Lacrosse Shaft

Best Defense Lacrosse Shaft (Editor's Choice)

Maverik Wonderboy+ Defense Lacrosse Shaft Review

The ECD Carbon 2.0 shaft features a titanium enhanced alloy that is stronger than your run-of-the-mill aluminum shaft with a combination of advanced carbon fiber technology.

The ECD Carbon 2.0 shaft comes with a multi-tool that allows you to move your butt end wherever you want it, so your hands never slip off. It is designed with 9000 series alloy that helps it to resist bends and dents, so it can withstand the toughest beating.

The Tactile Grip Technology adds a bit of grip to your shaft but not too much. Its 8-sided build and a small amount of dip in between the angled edges also allows for a wonderful grip in the hands. Most traditional shafts have flat edges but the ECD Carbon 2.0 shaft has concave edges in certain spots to give you added control.

It is probably one of the most dependable defense shafts on the market and it is perfect for both beginners and professionals. It has a great shape, a great grip, it’s pretty lightweight, but more importantly it’s durable. It is also affordable, so you will not break the bank buying this shaft.

2. STX Hammer 7000 Composite Defense Shaft

Budget Friendly

The STX Hammer 7000 defense shaft is the lightest defense lacrosse shaft and strongest shaft from STX. It weighs only 370 grams, making it one of the lightest shafts on the market.

It is made from the blend of scandium and titanium which gives it strength and durability. It is very durable and it won’t bend or break easily. It is designed to withstand the toughest of beatings and it still comes out on top. Its high yield strength lets its handle return to form after punishing checks.

The STX Hammer 7000 is one of the most technologically advanced lacrosse shafts on the market. The sandblasted texture and concave profile will provide players comfort and optimal control. It allows players to focus on making plays rather than the stick in their hands.

The STX Hammer 7000 is the perfect defense shaft for any player looking for an alloy stick with unparalleled durability and strength. It has an amazing grip and flex that allows you to shoot harder and become better.

3. Epoch Dragonfly C60 Composite Defense Shaft

High Performace & Lightest Defense Lacrosse Shaft

The Epoch Dragonfly can be personalized to your preferred grip design and preferred level of flex. It is perfect for long stick middies and true defenseman. It features Epoch Dragonfly HD Resin system for increased performance.

The Flex iQ on each of the geometries help to elevate a player’s style of play. The Epoch Dragonfly is available in three different geometries so players can choose the one that is most comfortable. The most popular one is C60 with a traditional concave geometry.

If you want a shaft that gives you the ultimate control, the E60 is the best option for you as it has an ergonomic geometry. The X60 has been the most popular among defensemen for years. It has a xtreme concave geometry that gives players exceptional feel.

The Epoch Dragonfly C60 is also available in different flex iQ. The iQ3 flex is specially designed for close defenders who throw precision checks, defend hard, and look to get the ball as fast as possible. The iQ8 is designed for the offensive minded defender or aggressive LSM.

The Epoch Dragonfly shaft is engineered to bring the ball across the midfield for players looking for shots on goal or assist and it is strong enough to defend the goal. The iQ8 features a softer flex which gives you more flex when shooting.

The iQ5 is designed for the close defenders who need extra mass for checks. Epoch Dragonfly features a light carbon fiber. It is extremely durable and dent resistant.

4. Warrior Regulator Lacrosse Defense Shaft

The Warrior Regulator Max is made of scandium and it has a sandblasted finish which gives it a great texture. It comes in 3 different colors: gunmetal, black, and copper.

One thing Warrior Regulator Max has been doing with their attack shaft is that they have been identifying the three essential properties that measure performance for each of their alloy shafts.

These three essential properties can be seen in the side which include the weight in grams, the ultimate strength of the shaft (the amount of pressure or force needed to break the shaft), and yield strength (the amount of pressure it will take to bend the shaft to where it won’t bend back to its original state).

Overall, this is a pretty solid shaft. It feels really clean in the hand and the shape of the shaft has a nice octagonal shape with a minor concave.

5. ECD Carbon 60 Lacrosse Defense Shaft

ECD Lacrosse Carbon 2.0 Defense Lacrosse Shaft Review

ECD Carbon 60 is designed with FLEX 5 technology which offers defensive players more flexibility when releasing the ball. ECD Carbon 60 defense shaft is made from premium quality carbon that is extremely light as it weighs just 5 ounces.

The carbon fibers flex offers more velocity and whip on accurate shots and hard passes. This helps to increase the shots feel and speed which results in better play. The ECD Carbon 60 is produced with sandpaper grip which is becoming more widely known.

It also offers players unique flex points which offer maximum performance to keep players at their best game. The kick and flex points are harmonized using ECD React Technology which keeps the handle very responsive to movement.

Beyond that, its octagon shape offers a responsive feel and firm grip. It is more durable, lighter, and stronger than its previous versions. The Impact+ layer provides an optimal strength without being bulky.

We did find this cool little video from the guys at ECD Lacrosse on Youtube where they put this shaft to the test. It's only four minutes long but if you love a little bit of nerding out and really learning about the properties of your shafts then this is a pretty cool video to watch.

6. STX Shift SC-TI Defensive Lacrosse Shaft

You might recognize the STX Shift SC-TI if you have read some of our other articles. The helmet featured in our top rated lacrosse helmets guide where it was popular for it's protective qualities. But how will the shaft perform?

STX Shift SC-TI is a fairly priced defense shaft. It was specially designed for speed and it is warrior’s lightest shaft. It features a die shape that offers defensive players a more traditional feel and shape. It doesn’t have a pre-set grip design in place so players will need to create their own using grip tape and spray. This takes a great deal of trial and error.

However, this shaft will reward the time and effort. It provides defensive players the right grip and a reliable feel that permits them absolute control over any kind of condition.

The diamond grip texture also gives this shaft a great feel and ball control which is vital for any defensive player. This makes it ideal for any weather situation. The STX Shift SC-TI defense shaft is made of Kryptolyte Pro alloy that makes it lightweight while also offering players durability and flexibility. 

It measures 60 inches enough for defense position. This lacrosse D pole is perfect for intermediate and advanced players.

7. Maverik Mission Defense Lacrosse Shaft

The Maverik Mission Blank defense shaft is made of an alloy that is tougher, lighter, and stronger than what is used in the automotive, military, and aerospace industries.

Besides being durable and light, it is ultra stiff, giving players increased consistency and accuracy.

The Maverik Mission Blank is recommended for players aged between 13 and 17 years. It is specifically designed to cater for players from collegiate to youth starter. It will allow them to take some pounding while still allowing them to run with those ally dodging middies.

We did some digging for this one on Youtube and found this cool little video from Lacrosse Film Room where they go into a bit of detail with this lacrosse shaft. If you like nerding out a little then this is a great little watch.

For those looking for a defense shaft with a perfect balance of strength and speed, the Maverik Mission Blank is the perfect choice.

The Maverik Mission Blank will allow players feel the ball better, shoot faster, advance their dodges and learn to play with one hand.

8. Under Armour Lacrosse D Pole

STX Hammer 7000 Defense Lacrosse Shaft Review

The Under Armour shaft is a full length defensive lacrosse shaft that is perfect for beginners. It had a sandblasted finish and it is made with 7075 alloy which gives it a great look and feel.

It offers players premium performance and an opportunity to face your opponents with an equipment advantage. It will play a key role in keeping players moving because of its flexibility. It also allows them to improve their skills, giving them exceptional levels of ability.

The high-strength carbon composite materials help to keep this shaft functioning for many games. These materials ensure flexibility and prevent the shaft from bending full tilt. Its octagon shape gives it a great grip and better control.

This shaft also comes with a targeted grip texture which makes it perfect for defensive players. Its tactile finish provides players with additional control even in dangerous situations.

9. Brine Clutch Elite ST Defensive Lacrosse Shaft

The Brine Clutch ST defense shaft is a great option for LSMs and advanced face off middies looking for a solid lacrosse shaft.

It is made with scandium that makes it strong and super light. It has an adjustable Butt End that adjusts along the handle to the player’s preference. It can be tightened down for a locked in fit design. Its raw finish gives it a natural feel.

The Brine Clutch ST is a balance between strength and weight which makes it the perfect lacrosse D pole for elite players. It features a Bead Blasted Finish that offers players a comfortable feel while also improving accuracy and control.

10. Warrior Evo Pro Defense Lacrosse Shaft

The Warrior Evo Pro has a surface technology which makes it tougher than previous generations. It comes with the iQ8 flex which helps to release hard on checks while also giving players controls on passes, clears, and even shots.

The unique thing about this defense shaft is the reload technology that helps to whip the ball out of the stick. The carbon technology helps to load up all the energy in the shaft and releases it on the shot.

The Warrior Evo Pro is designed with Torque Box 2 Technology that helps to load these shafts on shot release. It features an ergonomically shaped handle that is perfect for those that likes to have the flutes carved off the edges of their shafts.

The uniform profile of this shaft will ensure your hands feel the same on the shaft through the pass or shot. Its X shape offers players the ability to regain control of the shaft quickly after hard checks.