Best Lacrosse Gloves – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What’s the right lacrosse gloves for you? Although Maverick is known for being one of the market leaders when it comes to gloves, there is in fact so many quality lacrosse gloves from a range of different brands that boast some very impressive features and technologies.

We’ve tested over 53 pairs of gloves and we believe that the best lacrosse gloves right now is the Brine RP3 with 201 units sold alone last month in May 2019. They are packed with some impressive foam technology which will make your life easier and safer out on the ice. We were also mind-blown by how cheap they are right now here on Lacrosse Monkey.

But how much should you spend on a new pair of Lacrosse gloves. Ultimately, this will heavily depend on what you plan to use it for and how often you will be using it. Whether you play in the MLL or you are a youth taking up the sport for the first time, you want your hands to feel safe.

That is with any protective equipment and if you are someone who trains multiple times a week then it is worth investing a few extra dollars to make sure that the gloves will be durable.

Here is a quick video I found on Youtube where the guys from Dick’s sporting goods provide some awesome tips on buying new gloves. It’s only two and a half minutes long but definitely a great watch.

Ok so lets dive straight in and see what’s made our list. There could be some unusual choice in here but we do feel these are awesome deals that you will be happy to wear on your hands.

Best Lacrosse Gloves 2019

1. Brine RP3

Brine RP3 Lacrosse Gloves ReviewBrine has always been known for making top quality products. If you have read our articles below then you will have seen them featured quite highly in our guide for best lacrosse heads right now. We’ve always found that the materials used in Brine products to be very durable that have lasted for a season or two.

We liked how they have been designed with a dual-density foam material as this provides them with a lot of padded protection. As a result, you’re able to wear them and feel how the impact is absorbed.

In addition to this, they have implemented AX Suede Tiempo materials in the palm of the gloves. These materials work effectively to ensure that you’re able to wear the gloves comfortably.

Not to mention, it ensures that the glove is able to last you for longer. A ventilation system has been fitted into these gloves too.

You’re able to play and not worry about your hands becoming slippery because of too much moisture building up.

In terms of how you look out there on the field, these gloves are available in a white or black and we absolutely love the design.

Overall: Great protection for amazing value for money! We recommend these for anyone that’s looking for that all round performance. Great durable material and will leave you feeling safe out there.

2. Warrior Rabil

Warrior Rabil Lacrosse Gloves ReviewThese Warrior Rabil gloves have been implemented with D30 aero foam. This foam materials is of a high-quality and has been placed in between the fingers.

As a result, you’re able to play and feel incredibly comfortable. The D30 aero foam is super soft, however, it also hardens upon impact to keep your hands protected.

We liked how the cuff has been made with Toal FLX materials that provide you with a lot mobility. Furthermore, it works effectively to keep your wrists and forearms protected at all times.

We recommend these gloves for people who want to wear larger elbow pads that don’t reach all the way down to the wrist. This cuff design is also great for making the gloves feel lightweight.

A Wartech FNC Liner has also been fitted. This is fantastic for preventing your gloves from developing an odor over time. It ensures that the gloves are able to dry off after being used.

Overall: Hard to beat for the price! These gloves work really well for players who know how to get the best out of them. They look absolutely awesome so you will look pretty cool out there and are also super comfortable when you put them on.

3. Maverik M4

Maverik M4 Lacrosse Gloves ReviewWe liked how these gloves have been made with a traditional fit in mind. As a result, you’re able to wear them and move your hands and wrist around with more freedom to allow for more precision.

There is padding available in between the fingers, as well as on the back of the gloves. These are effective for keeping your hands safe while playing.

In addition to this, they’ve fitted a 37.5TM Technology liner. This works super well to ensure that any moisture buildup from sweat is able to be evaporated. As a result, you can keep you gloves odor-free.

The AX Suede materials that have been used are also excellent for making the gloves feel soft to wear. Not to mention, the mesh materials on the palms allow for plenty of breathability to add to the comfort.

You can easily adjust the cuff which provides you with the opportunity to choose whether you want a wider or close fit.

Here’s a cool little video I found from Red Star Lacrosse providing a great little review of these gloves. It’s quite in-depth and you will get some nerding out but great little watch.

Overall: Ideal for an entry level pair of lacrosse gloves who is on a strict budget and just beginning to learn the foundations of the sport.

4. Warrior Burn

Warrior Burn Lacrosse Gloves ReviewAre you looking for a pair of lacrosse gloves that enable you to be super speedy? If so, you may be glad to hear that these gloves have been made for speed, without having to compromise on safety.

With a ventilation system available on the back of the gloves, you’re able to keep your hands dry and free from sweat. This means that the gloves always fit you well and can keep you protected upon impact.

We were also impressed with their Switch Cuff feature. This enables you to change between different cuffs for a more personalized experience.

The ring, index, and middle fingers have all been fitted with a triple segmented design. As a result you have the ability to play with a lot of mobility and precision.

People have also been liking how the palm has been made with clarion materials. It provides you with the ability to be very accurate.

5. Maverik Charger

Maverik Charger Lacrosse Gloves ReviewIf you’re a young player looking to give yourself an advantage while playing lacrosse, you’ll be impressed with the Maverik Charger pair.

They have been made with a fit that’s upgraded to ensure that it’s flexible. Therefore, you’re able to wear the gloves and move around freely to focus on the game better.

With dual density foam, you’re able to keep the back of your hand protected at all times. You also have more protection around your wrist due to the isolated cuff design.

Furthermore, the palms have been made using nash materials.

This provides these gloves with a ton of durability to ensure that you are able to use them for years to come. We also liked how there’s a vent on the back of the gloves too.

Heat and sweat is able to make its way out through this ventilation system to keep your hands cool and dry. You can expect to use these gloves for a while without any odor.

In addition to this, you have more protection around your wrist due to the isolated cuff design.

Overall: Great design and craftsmanship as expected by Warrior. They just look awesome and will leave you feeling great while you’ve got these on your hands.

6. STX Stallion 50

STX Stallion 50 Lacrosse Gloves ReviewThe STX Stallion 50 pair of lacrosse gloves have been fitted with a ventilation system in the palms. This is very effective at ensuring that your hands never feel too sweaty because of the sweat.

As a result, you’re able to focus on holding the bat and playing to the best of your ability. Your hands feel more breathable as they’ve been circulated with air, which can have a positive effect on the way that you play.

We also liked how this prevents odors from building up. Not to mention, the design is super lightweight, meaning that you can be speedy.

The polyester materials that have been used to construct the shell are of a high-quality. This makes the gloves durable while also being effective at protecting you.

7. Maverik Rome RX3

Maverik Rome RX3 Lacrosse Gloves ReviewMaverik’s Rome RX3 gloves have been made with an anatomical design. As a result, they have a more snug fit that allows you to have a tighter feel for more precision and speed.

With the Poron XRD foam, you’re able to wear these gloves comfortably as they feel soft. However, when it comes into contact with any kind of impact, it becomes hard to keep your hand protected.

We also liked how they have used a 37.5 liner. This works well to make any sweat that builds up in the glove evaporate. Therefore, you’re able to grip the bat better and not have to worry about any odors.

To boost the comfort features, they’ve implemented AX Suede materials as they provide you with a more natural feel. Furthermore, you can benefit from the thumb protection feature. It prevents your thumb from extending too much upon heavy impact.

8. STX Cell 4

STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Gloves ReviewThe STX Cell 4 pair of lacrosse gloves comes with GeoFlex II technology that provides you with plenty of flexibility. It’s also effective at ensuring your thumb and the back of your hand are protected at all times.

With a flared cuff design at the wrists, you’re able to move around with more freedom. This adds on to the flexibility benefits and ensures that you have a lot of control while playing.

A Power Fit Profile is also available which is great for maximising flexibility even further. We liked how they’ve used AX Suede materials in the palms too. This means that you have a lot of grip.

In addition to this, the AX Suede materials allow you to be faster. Your hands can also remain cool and well circulated due to these materials to manage any moisture from sweating.

Lacrosse players who are more experienced find that these gloves let them play with tons of precision and comfort, while also keeping them protected.

9. Under Armour Command Pro 2

Under Armour Command Pro 2 Lacrosse Gloves ReviewWe were impressed with how these Under Armour Command Pro 2 lacrosse gloves have been implemented with a suspension pad. This pad has a patented design and it provides the gloves with the ability to lengthen more freely.

This suspension system means that you have a lot of mobility, even while your hand is bent. We also found that this system is fantastic for keeping you comfortable while you play.

In addition to this, the gloves have been fitted with Floating Armour technology. This technology is incredibly effective at keeping your thumb protected. It also adds to the mobility benefits even further.

With AX Suede materials used to make the palms, you are able to wear these gloves for long and intense games while being comfortable. These materials also enable you to have a fantastic grip to play with more precision.

Dig a bit of digging on Youtube and did find this little quick-fire review where you see a bit more of a visual of the glove and design. Might be worth a quick watch if you aren’t in a hurry.

Overall: Awesome lightweight feel! We would recommend these to anyone that loves a very snug fit. They literally fit so well but at the same time have great ventilation systems keeping your hands cool. Plus they look pretty awesome too so you’ll look good out there.

10. Brine King V

Brine King V Lacrosse Gloves ReviewThe Brine King V gloves are among the top of line when it comes to the kind of gloves that the brand has available. We liked how they have implemented their Arch-Tech features to the back of these gloves.

This feature ensures that you are provided with a lot of mobility to play freely and with tons of precision. The back of the gloves have also been fitted with a ventilation system. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about how much you sweat while playing.

Any moisture that builds up is able to dissipate due to the ventilation. The back of your hand is also able to take more impact and keep you free from harm.

This is largely a result of the skylight protection design. It allows your hands to take a lot of impact while also ensuring that the gloves maintain a slim design.

With a thumb piece that has been segmented into, you can be sure that you’re able to play safely. This feature also allows for more flexibility and allows you to grip your stick better for precision.

We were also impressed with how the palm has been made using AX Suede mesh materials. These work well with the ventilation system to keep your hands cool while you play.

Furthermore, they are very soft to make sure that you’re able to wear the gloves and play comfortably.

Overall: Great quality for an affordable price! In terms of protection, there’s not much you can fault about these, you get great finger protection and would get the job done for most high school players. Brine have already featured in the list and this one is just another great product from them.