Best Lacrosse Heads (2021) ? Middie & Attack Lacrosse Heads

When it comes to shopping for a lacrosse head, you really need to know what you are looking for. We all want to choose from only the best lacrosse heads, but how can we know which ones are the best?

You buy lacrosse heads based on their style, but you also need to think about your position, your skill level, and your playing style. Two middies at the same skill level might not like the same kinds of heads.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, a goalie or a middie, the right lacrosse head is out there for you.

Different Types Of Lacrosse Heads

Lacrosse Head Types

Attack Lacrosse Head

Generally, attacking lacrosse heads are both the smallest and lightest heads you can get. The best attack lacrosse head is made for power shots at high rates of speed and best for aggressive players.

Thinner than defenders heads, they have a longer distance from the pocket to the lip, but still give you excellent control. Because they are so lightweight, you get a much better feel of the ball while it?s inside of the pocket.

Midfield Lacrosse Head

Midfielders require different lacrosse heads than attackers do, so you will want to make sure that you are using one of the best lacrosse heads for middies. Typically, this type of lacrosse head has a rounded scoop for faster groundballs.

Midfielder lacrosse head is also lightweight enough to move quickly with, since midfielders move at such a fast pace. They need a deep, high pocket to give better control over the ball once they get one.  

Defensive Lacrosse Head

A defensive lacrosse head is not terribly different than a midfielder head. They have wider catching areas to better help players intercept shots or to make passes.

The depth of the pocket will really be up to your own playing style, but defensive heads can be pretty deep.

Goalie Lacrosse Head

Goalie lacrosse heads are the biggest heads that you can get for your stick. They are really the final line of defense since by the time the ball has reached the goalie, nothing else can prevent the opposing team from scoring.

Goalie heads do not have much variety, so you need to go with one that you can work well with.

10 Best Lacrosse Heads (2021)


Skill Level



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1. Maverik Tactik

Editor's Choice




2. STX Stallion Omega

High Performance




3. Maverik Kinetik

Budget Friendly




4. ECD Mirage Head

For Beginners




5. STX Stallion 700 Pro




6. StringKing Mark 2

For Women




7. Warrior Regulator X




8. Maverik Optik U




9. Warrior Evo 5X




10. Nike CEO Head




1. Maverik Men?s Tactik Lacrosse Head

Best Lacrosse Head (Editor's Choice)

If you are looking for an elite-level lacrosse head, look no further than the Maverik Tactik. This unstrung lacrosse head is out choice for the best lacrosse head on the market.

Maverik Tactik Lacrosse Head

The Tactik head has X-rail technology that is able to distribute the stress onto the opposing rail. As a result, the design remains lightweight, but still stiff. Additionally, the head has Optimal Release Point technology, which increases the control through the use of an added hold. There is a great energy transfer as well.

The Duratough material that it is made out of increases the stiffness of the head. It is also all-weather resistance, so you will not run into any trouble if it rains. The bottom rail of the head is a Level 3, which is made for a mid-pocket delivery, making the perfect hybrid of accuracy and strength.

The multiple stringing holds allow you to have a custom pocket as well. Since it is unstrung, the head is already customizable, ensuring you will get the perfect head to meet your needs. The head meets universal specs, so it should work well, regardless of the league that you are in. This is not a good choice for beginners, however.

2. STX Men?s Stallion Omega Lacrosse Head

High Performance

If you are looking for a high performance attack lacrosse head, check out the STX Stallion Omega. This is an unstrung lacrosse head that gives you the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any lacrosse head out there.

STX Stallion Omega Lacrosse Head

The head is made with Omega polymer, which is helps maintain the strength of the head without sacrificing any strength in the process. The Speed Scoop technology that comes with it is better to handle groundballs from any angle.

One of the most impressive things about the Stallion Omega is that it has the deepest legal offset possible, giving you better overall ball feel as well as retention. The updated Stallion rail geometry provides increased strength and stability.

Finally, the Innerlock technology helps making stringing this head easier than ever. This is because the channel is narrowed in order to give you a better hold. The hole placement has also been optimized to give you a good variety of pocket options, allowing you the ultimate customization options possible.

This head is made for elite-level aggressive players who need to be able to move quickly and still release the ball with a high rate of power.

3. Maverik Men?s Kinetik Lacrosse Head

Budget Friendly

If you are looking for a budget friendly option, we suggest the Maverik Kinetik head. This is an unstrung lacrosse head.

Maverik Kinetik Lacrosse Head

The Kinetik head has been made with Duratough material, which gives it an all-weather playability. The head has a stiff design, which has been optimized to support a mid-high pocket. As a result, you will get a good amount of power and accuracy.

The head also has a level 4 bottom rail that guarantees ball security and a solid show. The release point is optimal, so you will get a high amount of energy transfer when you make a shot. This means your ball is going to travel at high speeds as accurately as possible.

Additionally, the head as X-rail technology, which means that the stress is evenly and efficiently dispersed to the opposing rail, leaving you with a lightweight feel. Finally, the Tension Lock Channel locates a better shooting channel as you string up the head.

The Kinek head meets universal regulations as well, so you should be able to use it with whichever league that you are a part of.

4. East Coast Dyes Men?s Mirage Lacrosse Head

For Beginners

Beginning lacrosse players should be able to still get a good lacrosse head to meet their needs. If that sounds like you, take a look at the East Coast Dye?s Mirage.

The Mirage is made with a narrow face shape that provides you with pinpoint control. The tension of the pocket has also been determined by the face shape of the head, eliminating excess materials to give you a consistent shot.

The material in the head?s construction is UV resistant, reducing the risk of the head cracking over time or breaking down in other ways. The head has reinforced support along key areas to eliminate excess material and enhance the longevity of the head.

The aggressive flare of the head, combined with the narrow face shape gives you the ability to adjust the pocket tension in order to get a consistent channel. The bottom rail design is gradual, giving you a design for ideal play.

While more elite players would not be happy with this, the features that come with this head are sure to meet the needs of any beginning players out there. Although many beginner heads are strung, this one is unstrung, giving you more customization options.

5. STX Men?s Stallion 700 Pro Lacrosse Head

Strung Lacrosse Head

Some players out there like the ease that comes with a strung head. It does save you the trouble of having to string it yourself after all. Our choice for the best strung attack lacrosse head is the SRX Stallion 700 Pro.

This head has Memory Mesh Super Soft, which is an elite-level type of stringing. The Speed Scoop technology that is on board will allow you to have effortless scooping by minimizing the amount of scoop drag that you get from the head. It also made to be 25% stiffer than other heads and still 5% lighter, giving you all of the strength and power that you want while still being easy to handle without breaking a sweat.

The design of the head is a two-sidewall brace design, giving you optimal stability while shooting, checking, and even on ground balls. The C-Channel technology is there to distribute the stress on the sidewall, preventing breaks and increasing the overall strength of the head. There is also a good amount of stability between the lines.

This head meets the NCAA and the NFHS regulations, so it will work across leagues.

6. StringKing Women?s Mark 2 Offensive Lacrosse Head

For Women

The perfect lacrosse head for women is the StringKing Mark 2 Offensive head. This is a strung middie lacrosse head that will not disappoint anyone who use it.

The Mark 2 has an aggressive offset as well as a tighter face shape than your standard head. For that reason, there is a more focused pocket to give you the ultimate level of ball control and faster shots. This is an offensive head, so it will not work well for defensemen.

This head is strung with a Type 4 soft mesh. As a result, you will get better control as well as a high pocket that provides a quicker release. It really is made to bring you up to the highest level of game play that you can get.

The head itself is constructed to be lightweight. They achieved this by removing any excess materials, so the head only has the materials that it really needs to work well. Additionally it has an aggressive, angled sidewall design that will give you more control and far more accurate shots that you would get from a more basic head.

This head is best used by more advanced players who want to further advance their skills.

7. Warrior Regulator X Lacrosse Head

The Warrior Regulator X has an extremely wide face shape which makes it easy to catch with and also pick off passes.

The head is X spec so you can use it in high school and college. It is angled very well, and it is easy to get ground balls on natural grass and turf. Another cool thing about this head is that it has some fine detailing on the scoop.

The Regulator X had a revamped revolution style sidewall that is a lot more aggressive. The gaps are slightly larger at the top so it will be a bit stiffer. It has an OG style looking throat with all the cutouts and other skits.

It features a very nice looking warrior throat which looks awesome. Warrior introduced a new technology called lock throat that works pretty well.

The 18 solid holes that go all the way down in the head will give you a lot of pocket options. All the holes are slightly enlarged to make it a bit easier to start off.

8. Maverik Optik U Lacrosse Head

The Maverik Optik U features a scoop that is extremely rounded which makes it great for ground balls. It is stiff, but it has a decent flex enough for shooting.

The outer ridges feature a matte finish while the inside of the sidewall is dug out. It features plenty of sidewall holes that allow you to string any pocket. This lacrosse head is mainly designed for a mid to low pocket because of the level to the bottom rail.

The top screen has six extremely large top string holes and the bottom string holes are large enough to fit leathers. It is stiff and rigid at the start point of the throat but as you move up, you will notice a little more flex.

It is easy to catch with and it still has a nice flare and pinch point to it that allows you to keep the ball on your stick very easily.

The head was definitely made for face-off position because the head is extremely stiff but if you are a power through player it is great because you can overpower so well with it. The Maverik Optik U weighs 4.8 ounces which is right in the middle of all the high-end heads.

9. Warrior Evo 5X Lacrosse Head For Middies

If you have read some of my other articles then you will know that I absolutely love Warrior products. They produce really good quality products that are made to last.

In fact, you may have noticed the Warrior Evo range being mentioned before in our article about the best lacrosse helmets. So why does the Warrior Evo do so well?

The Warrior Evo 5X is my favorite Evo because they have a dialed face shape.

It is super lightweight ? the head is exactly 5.3 ounces. The 17 stringing holes allow you to create any pocket. It is a great head for passing.

The lock door technology helps the screw lock onto the shaft really good, so you don?t have to worry about the head rattle.

The new tilt technology on this head helps to force the shrinks to pull the mesh tighter and gives players a better consistency on the field so you never miss out on accuracy.

The Evo gem on the front is exquisite and stands out from other heads on the market. The Evo 5X is great for ground balls.

10. Nike CEO Lacrosse Head For Middies

The Nike CEO is a universal head which means it is legal for college and high school.

It has a very narrow face shape and a very high flare point which gives you a lot of natural accuracy and some great ball retention.

Its pointed scoop will give you a natural channel and it will help you when you are shooting. With the kick point being super low, it will give you a very quick and smooth release.

The Nike CEO has 8 large holes that go all the way across the head and they are also well spaced. It also has 4 well sized and well placed sponsoring holes that are big enough for leathers.

The Nike CEO weighs 5.1 ounces which put it in the realm of what you would expect in an elite-level head.

Overall, the Nike CEO is a pretty easy head to string, the head naturally fits a mid pocket, and with the tight face shape, it will suit the mid pocket. It has a very smooth and snappy release, so it will be great for anyone playing attack or anyone that likes to get shots off very quickly. It is made of high-quality plastic that doesn?t get brittle in the cold or too flimsy in the heat.

11. Warrior Burn FO Lacrosse Head

The Warrior Burn FO was inspired by Trevor Baptiste. It features an insertable throat which means you will have a shorter throat with this lacrosse head.

The scoop is great because it is angled and it allows you to get ground balls at a higher angle. The sidewalls are all built to last, and it is a forward flexing head.

Its flexible left sidewall allows you to gain control and position on 50/50 battles. Its shorter throat allows players to gain leverage faster after the whistle.

Its universal pinch design can accommodate multiple face-off, face-flex, or traditional styles. It was designed asymmetrically to provide a balance between recovery, strength, and flex.

The Warrior Burn FO was designed to accommodate the most popular face-off techniques.

12. Maverik Tank U Lacrosse Head

The Maverik Tank U is specifically designed for a defenseman and it is a very specialized head.

It is stiff, durable, powerful, and long-lasting and its name embodies what it is meant for. It is evenly spaced throughout so there are no weak points as you go up.

The face shape is extremely wide, and it features an X back head which makes it legal for all levels of play. This is great for defense as it gives you a lot of surface space to make catches and it makes ground balls much easier.

My favorite thing about the Maverik Tank U is the scoop as it is flat and it is not surrounded or pointed. The extremely flat scoop makes it a ground ball vacuum so it will be really easy to get it parallel to the ground to suck up anything that is within the entire radius.

It features a level 5 bottom rail, meaning the thickness point is a little higher in the head which makes the pocket set up a bit higher. It strings up very easily despite its super wide face shape.

This head features Maverik true form technology which helps the head maintain its shape.

13. Brine King X Lacrosse Head

The Brine King X is at the higher end of the price spectrum and it is legal for all levels of play.

The overall look and aesthetics of this head are nice, clean, and simple.

It features just two slashing sidewall braces which are pretty simple but well spaced. This ensures you don?t have too many weak points between the head.

Instead of a thick throat area, this head features cutaways that help to reduce the weight in the area where you don?t need that much strength.

There is an improvement on the Brine?s core technology on the inside of the sidewall of this head. They essentially hollowed out the inside of the sidewall to give it better strength and also reduce weight.

The head features a very wide and flat scoop great for ground balls but a little less good for accuracy and precision because it will be a little flatter.

The deep channel to the middle gives you that consistency and make sure the ball rolls up the middle every time. It features 6 large top string holes big enough to fit a double triangle top string. They are well spaced across the wide scoop which gives you nice and tight sample holes, giving you more stringing options.

The Brine King X is a bit on the expensive end but if you are looking for a super high-end head, this is the perfect option.

14. Warrior NOZ 2X Lacrosse Head

The Warrior NOZ 2X is the second edition of the Warrior NOZ X which was a huge hit among face off and offensive players alike. Their main goal with this new limited edition head was to improve the stringing design of it so every player should use it.

It features a decent pocket that allows every player to get a good pocket based on different preferences. The face shape is a bit wide at the throat and that kind of flares up the sidewalls.

The saddle holes allow you to get a lot of the mesh bunched together really tight so you can get the perfect amount of channel you want. This gives it enough hold without adding too much weight.

This isn?t the stiffest head because the head is hallowed out which makes it great for faceoffs and it doesn?t affect the play of an offensive player.

It weighs about 61/4 ounce and it is one of the lightest heads on the market. Its lightweight design makes it really light to play with.

Factors To Consider When Looking For The Best Lacrosse Head

Lacrosse Head Reviews

Head Shape

Head shape should be chosen based on your current level of skill and the position that you play. A wider head works better if you are a defenseman or if you are just getting started with lacrosse.

Wider heads are easier to catch with. Narrower heads work better for attackers and flatter scoops are better to use to pick up ground balls. Meanwhile, asymmetrical heads are better for middies, because they are more likely to faceoff.

Your Position

As we stated above, the head you choose is often based on the position that you play. Goalies and defensemen often go with larger and heavier heads.

Meanwhile, attackers and middies usually need narrower or asymmetrical heads to get the job done right, because you need to move the ball swiftly. If you play multiple positions, you might need to have two separate heads or try to get one that works for both.

Strung vs Unstrung

Strung lacrosse heads were the preferred choice for beginners in the past, but with advancements in technologies, they are often chosen by advanced players as well.

Unstrung heads still give you the best option to customize how your head is strung and the pocket itself, but now strung heads have more options with their pockets and have a much cleaner appearance. Beginners should still stick with strung heads, however.

Mesh Type

Another choice that you will need to make is about the mesh type. Soft mesh requires no break in time and makes it easier to feel the ball. They are also easier to string, but they do lose their shape as time goes on.

Hard mesh has less of a rattle and a longer life expectancy, but it needs time to break in, it is harder to string, and you get less ball feel. The right mesh for you is more of a personal preference.


It might not seem like there is much difference in weight from head to head, but weight really can make a difference. Most lacrosse heads are light, but when you add just a few ounces, the weight is noticeably difference.

The weight normally depends on the dimensions of the head as well as the material it is made out of. Attacking positions usually opt for a lighter head than a goalie would need.


Your budget is another consideration that you should make. Generally, spending more means that you are getting a product that is a better-known brand and made with better materials.

But you do not need to break the bank to get a good head. If you are only beginning in lacrosse, do not spend a fortune on a head that is unlikely to work for you at your current skill level. Consider whether it is worth it before you spend the money.

Our Lacrosse Head Reviews Process

There?s so many more options out there and in fact there?s an abundance of great quality lacrosse heads which surprisingly may not cost as much as you think and help elevate your game.

Whenever I buy new equipment, I want to buy products that will separate me from the pack. I have spent countless hours testing and analysing different heads to write this article and I?m ready to nerd out a little below.

Typically, the size and width of your lacrosse head is determined by your position as well as your skill level. I usually always get asked is it worth spending over $300 for a new lacrosse head? The answer is it really depends on how much you play and how serious you are about your lacrosse.

Different Lacrosse Heads

You are now probably wondering which lacrosse head should I go for? We?d recommend that beginners or defensemen typically want to go for a wider head as this will help make catching as easy as possible as well as picking up the ball from the ground. 

Attackers or midfielders will prefer a more narrow pinched narrow head for maximum shot accuracy as well as hold and control but it does mean that catching might be slightly harder.

Head Offset

Reading the heading you might be wondering what is offset? Most heads come with this design feature which is the drop off the head right after the throat. It?s designed to lower the ball in the stick and will enhance your feel and control.

Head Stiffness

Finally you might want to think about what stiffness you?d want to go for. You can either go for a flexible or stiff head. Stiff heads are great for defenders who like to check hard and are designed extra sturdy for ground balls.

For offensive players, they may prefer the flexible option which is a lightweight head for maximum hand speed and control.

The Scoop

This one is slightly overlooked and you might be first wondering what the scoop is? It?s a feature on the top of the lacrosse head and affects the way the ball comes in and out of the head.

If you are an offensive player, you?ll probably go for a curved/ pointed scoop which improves accuracy so that the ball comes straight out every single time. The other option is a flat scoop which is a little wider and easier to pick up the ball so suits a beginner or even a defensive player.

Whatever kind of player you are, there is definitely a lacrosse head for you. As a quick heads up, most of these options come unstrung so I have found a quick two minute guide which is about which mesh you should choose for your lacrosse head.

Lacrosse Head Stringing Guide

  • Fold the row of diamonds so that you have two rows. There are ten diamonds at the top.
  • Pull the string through the first diamond and over the sidewall rail.
  • Take the string through the second sidewall hold, securing the first diamond tightly to the sidewalls.
  • Take the string through the second diamond, pulling it through the first scoop hole.
  • Pull it back, securing it tightly.
  • Attach the third hold to the first scoop following the same idea. Next, push the string through the fourth diamond and second scoop hole.
  • Secure this tightly, then pass the string through the fifth diamond and through the second scoop hole.
  • Continue this process until you have reached the tenth mess diamond, pegging them to the sidewall holes and pull the string over the rail. Secure it with a knot.

Lacrosse Head Rules & Regulations

The lacrosse head rules and regulations depend on where you are playing. If you are in high school, the lacrosse head must meet the NFHS guidelines, which requires a minimum width of 6.5 inches and a max width of 10 inches.

At college level, you have to follow the NCAA?s rules, which mean you need an NCAA head. If you are in neither of these groupings you might be able to get a universal head. These heads often meet the regulations of the NCAA and NFHS, but you need to be certain if you are going to use a universal head in either league.

It is incredibly important to use a head that is legal, or you might be barred from playing altogether and your team can be penalized for it.

Final Words

When it comes down to it, the best lacrosse head that you can get is the Maverik Men?s Tactik Lacrosse Head. This head is stiff, but still lightweight, so you can get both speed and power from it. It will take a little bit of time to break it, but once you have, you will not be disappointed with this head at all.

The best high performance lacrosse head is the STX Stallion Omega. This head boasts the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any of the other heads that we looked at, making it an excellent option for aggressive attackers out there who really need to be in the middle of the action.

Make sure that your lacrosse head fits your abilities and your position. Beginners do not need the same heads as an elite player would and goalies need different heads than attackers do. Consider what your needs are before committing to one lacrosse head over another.