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What?s the best lacrosse helmet for you? If you have been to a lacrosse shop, then you will probably know by now that there are so many cool lacrosse helmets from different brands out there.

In this article, we have spent countless hours testing hundreds of products and we believe that the best lacrosse helmet right now is the Cascade S. Having sold 342 of these alone last month, they are so popular among lacrosse players.

It boasts awesome technology which leaves you feeling safe out there without it being too heavy on your head.

Most importantly, finding out which helmet you want will depend a lot on the level that you play at and what you plan on using it for.

Whether you play in the National Lacrosse League or just a beginner looking to get into the sport, it is definitely worthwhile learning about the different brands out there as well as what to look out for when buying a helmet.

Obviously your head is the heaviest part of your body and the one that probably needs the most protection from the likes of body checks, stick checks and a lacrosse ball. The last thing you want to do is buy a second hand helmet where you don?t really know the condition of the helmet and end up with a head injury.

At the same time, what we?ve found out is that you don?t actually need to spend a lot of money to get a really good helmet.

With that in mind, we are ready to geek out on some interesting features and hopefully we can help you make a good financial decision with your new purchase. So lets dive straight in.

10 Best Lacrosse Helmets 2020


Skill Level


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1. Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet

Editor's Choice



2. Cascade Custom S Platinum

High Performance



3. Cascade CPVR Helmet

Budget Friendly



4. Cascade CPX-R Helmet



5. STX Rival Lacrosse Helmet



6. Warrior PX2 Helmet



7. Cascade S Metallic Gold

Coolest Lacrosse Helmet



8. Warrior Burn Lacrosse Helmet



9. Brine STR Helmet



10. STX Stallion 100



1. Cascade S Lacrosse Helmet

Best Lacrosse Helmet (Editor's Choice)

Cascade R White Lacrosse Helmet Review

Cascade?s S model is one of their most technological helmets that they have made. It?s a newer version of the PRO7 and comes with more advanced features.

They have included a SevenTechnology liner feature that?s of a very high standard. It works well to absorb the impact from hard hits and transfer the energy to prevent it from causing any injuries.

Upon any collisions, the SevenTechnology liner displaces the energy in a lateral direction within a couple of seconds. It can then go back to its original state to be ready to protect you straight away.

We liked how they included PoronXRD materials for the liner. It?s a foam material that works well with the Seven Technology system to reduce the impact even more.

This PoronXRD material is also awesome for adding comfort to the helmet. A HardTail SPRfit system is a new feature that has been used with this helmet.

It works as a way for you to adjust the pads to ensure that the helmet fits you precisely how you want it to. You can tighten and loosen the helmet to your preferences.

With a SuperMono S Shell available, you can be sure that this helmet will last you for a long time. It also has a single-piece design that means the shell and visor are connected.

This design makes the helmet even more effective when it comes to dealing with hard impacts. The energy upon impact is able to be dispersed around the shell equally to reduce the effect.

We liked how the Seven Technology system is effective at absorbing impact and how the PoronXRD liner keeps you comfortable. However, this helmet can be difficult to wash.

Overall: It was a big wait for these when they were initially launched and they made such an impact when it came to lacrosse helmets. Many would describe this helmet as revolutionary when it comes to absorbing high energy impact. You will feel so confident of these protecting your head and they are jaw-droppingly comfy too.

2. Cascade Custom S Platinum Lacrosse Helmet

High Performance

If you are a bit of a lacrosse enthusiast, then you will probably know that Cascade is making some serious waves in the lacrosse world and is really building up an ethos of building high performing products.

You may have already seen the Cascade S Platinum range featured very highly in our best lacrosse heads guide. So why is their helmet up so high then?

This Cascade S Platinum helmet has been made with highly technological features that make it among one of the most sought out options available.

They have created a system that allows you to wear the helmet and adjust it to fit the size of your head. So, it?s not a one size fits all helmet - it provides you with a more customized fit.

A Viconic EAS liner feature is available too. This is a fantastic feature that works effectively to manage with hard impacts to absorb them and keep you well protected.

You can also be sure that this helmet is of a high-quality as it meets the standards set by NOCSAE.

Despite the fact that this helmet comes with a customized fit, absorbs impact well, and has Viconic EAS liner, some find that adjusting it can be tricky.

Overall: We are huge fans of Cascade S Platinum products here and when it comes to protection, this product this deserves its place near the top of the list. The protection at the rear of the head is breathtaking and so important when it comes to concussion prevention. It?s also super easy to put on and take off so just an awesome all-round helmet.

3. Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet

Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet Review

The Cascade CPV-R is a great lacrosse helmet that works effective to keep you protected at all times. With the R tech that has been implemented, you?re able to get the best as far as design and style are concerned.

There?s an impact absorption system that is awesome for preventing any head injuries. This is largely a result of the Seven Technology Liner.

It works to put compression around your head in a lateral direction. As a result, any energy that happens upon impact can be displaced straight away.

We also liked how this helmet can fit a wide variety of heads. This is due to the contour design that can also be easily adjusted to fit your head perfectly.

To recap, the contoured and adjustable design is great for fitting heads of all shapes and sizes. With the Seven Technology Liner, impact is able to be absorbed well, and the R tech adds to the protection benefits and looks awesome.

However, the contoured fit may only be best for younger people.

Overall: This is hands down our favourite helmet on the market right now. Apart from offering phenomenal protection, it is also shockingly lightweight. Obviously the price is slightly higher than some of the other options but it is worth paying that extra amount for the extra protection.

4. Cascade CPX-R Lacrosse Helmet

We were impressed with how the Cascade CPX-R comes with hybrid TPU cushioning. This material is of a high standard and has been combined with a liner padding.

As a result, you?re able to wear this helmet and feel comfortable. Not to mention, the cushion materials are incredibly effective at absorbing impact and to keep you safe.

In addition to this, the materials provide the helmet with a lot of durability. Therefore, you can rely on it to remain comfortable and keep your protected for a while.

With D30 and EVA foam materials available, you?re able to experience even more comfort and protection benefits. Not to mention, a Surefit air liner has been included too.

This feature allows you to wear the helmet with a more customized feel. It works well to contour to the shape of your head, which makes it feel more natural to wear and break into.

The TPU pads that have been fitted are available on the sides of the helmet. These increase the comfort factor by making sure that the helmet fits you well.

Users have been liking how there are jaw pads available that are made out of TPU cushioned materials. These are effective at keeping your jaw protected.

They can also be adjusted to make sure that you can wear the helmet comfortably.

Some people have mentioned how the helmet feels heavier than they were expecting. Although, this may be something that you can get used to when you consider the contoured fit, adjustable jaw pads, and high-quality foam materials.

Overall: When it comes to value for, we are not sure there is much more a helmet can do for this price point. Unbelievable comfort around your head and it?s so easy to put on and take off. The customizable tool really fits most head shapes. 

5. STX Rival Lacrosse Helmet

STX Rival Lacrosse Helmet Review

The STX Rival has a fantastic Sure-Fit air feature available. This system works incredibly well to let you adjust your helmet to fit you perfectly.

A pump has been implemented that allows you to get the precise fit that you?re looking for. We were also impressed with how there is a fantastic ventilation system available.

It works well to allow air to circulate throughout the helmet to keep your head cool while you?re playing.

In addition to this, they have used a TPU Cushioning System. This, combined with the liners provides you with a helmet that?s excellent at protecting you, while also keeping you comfortable.

We couldn?t find any downsides to this helmet. People have been liking how the ventilation system keeps them cool and dry and how the TPU Cushioning System keeps them protected. Not to mention, the liner is comfortable and you can adjustment the helmet with precision.

Overall: Another mention for Warrior and this super edgy looking helmet is what we would call a mid-level option. Maybe perfect for someone whose been playing for quite some time and looking to get a slightly better quality helmet yet not pay the premium amounts as some of the other options.

6. Warrior PX2 Lacrosse Helmet

Warrior PX2 Lacrosse Helmet Review

This PX2 model by Warrior has been made with a dynamic box face mask feature which is fantastic. It works well to provide you with a clear sight while also keeping you well protected.

It?s a pretty unique design that works effectively. We also liked how they have implemented a dual-density chin cup.

This feature is great for ensuring that your chin is able to be protected. As a result, your head and entire face is able to be protected while wearing this helmet.

You can also be sure of its quality as it meets the requirements that have been set out by both the CLA and CSA.

We liked the box face mask as it?s easy to see through and keeps your face protected. The dual-density chin cup enhances the protection benefits too. Having said that, this helmet isn?t as comfortable as some were anticipating.

Overall: Another mention for Warrior and this super edgy looking helmet is what we would call a mid-level option. Maybe perfect for someone whose been playing for quite some time and looking to get a slightly better quality helmet yet not pay the premium amounts as some of the other options.

7. Cascade S Metallic Gold Lacrosse Helmet

Cool Lacrosse Helmet

This S metallic gold helmet that has been made by Cascade included a Tri-Liner design that includes 3 liner systems working together. This is the coolest lacrosse helmet on the market for sure!

They are awesome for dealing with heavy impacts to keep you protected. Furthermore, they work with the SuperMono S Shell design to disperse the impact evenly across the helmet for even better protection.

In addition to this, you can rely on the Gen4EPP liner to take care of impacts with variable force that occur on the front of the facemask and helmet. A NV3 liner is also available that keeps the crown of your head protected.

We also liked how the shell and liner combine with each other to provide the helmet with a very comfortable feel. It?s also super strong to ensure that it can maintain its shape upon impact.

Any impact that does happen on the helmet and facemask is able to be displaced in a lateral direction as a result of the Tri-Liner Seven Technology. This liner can also reset itself within seconds in order to be ready to deal with the next hit.

With PowerPress technology available with the Visionbar, you can be sure to see clearly through the facemask. You?re also able to keep your face well protected.

The S-Series jaw piece that has been fitted is excellent for keeping your jaw protected. It uses 2 materials that are combined together to keep your jaw stiff.

If you?re concerned about your head becoming too sweaty while playing, you?ll be glad to hear that this helmet features 2 ventilation ports. They work effectively to ensure that cool air can circulate throughout the helmet.

You?re also able to feel comfortable while wearing this helmet for longer durations of time. This is because of the Hardtail SPRfit design that makes the helmet contour to the natural shape of your head.

This is one of the pricier options in our review, however, this added costs may be worth it. The contoured design and ventilation ports keep you cool and comfortable.

Not to mention, the face mask and 3-liner system are incredibly protective.

Some readers have mentioned that sometimes it's difficult to decide between the Cascade R and this Cascade S so we found this awesome video on Youtube by ECD Lacrosse which does quite an in-depth analysis of them both. Definitely worth a little watch if you are looking to decide between the two.

Overall: Right out of bat, as soon as you pick these up you feel how mind-blowingly lightweight they are for a helmet. Compared to the previous lines, they have streamlined this helmet to make it more protective without adding any bulk or weight. Cascade have definitely succeeded with that and you will not be disappointed with purchasing these.

8. Warrior Burn Lacrosse Helmet

Warrior Burn Lacrosse Helmet Review

This Warrior Burn lacrosse helmet comes with a viconic protection feature that works well to keep your entire head safe. We liked how they?ve fitted a Viconic diffusion plate that works well to keep your temples safe from impact.

It can absorb different kinds of impact. Furthermore, the shell has been made with a single-piece design. This is awesome for ensuring that the energy from any impacts can be transferred across the whole helmet.

There is EPP foam materials on the inside to make up the liner. This is one of the main layers that keeps you protected.

You?re able to wear this helmet with a custom fit due to the BOA Closure System. A micro-adjustment feature is available to let you get the perfect fit.

With a chin piece that?s connected to the shell, you?re able to keep your jaw protected at all times. You can also feel confident about the quality of this helmet as it meets the standards set out by SEI and NOCSAE.

We weren?t able to find any glaring downsides to this helmet. You have plenty of protection due to the EPP foam and how the shell disperses energy when there?s any impact.

The customized fit also makes it a joy to wear.

STX Rival: Another mention for Warrior and this is actually a newer product than the PX2?s. Amazing fit and functionality but obviously priced a little higher than some of the other options. Great for someone whose got a bit of experience behind them and looking for a top-level range protection.

9. Brine STR Lacrosse Helmet

Brine STR Lacrosse Helmet Review

This is a more affordable option while still providing you with some of the same protective features as the higher end choices. It has an Oc-Loc fir system that works well to keep you protected.

There are also 2 sizes available that include medium/large, and extra small/small. Therefore, you can be sure to find the best fit for the size of your head.

These helmets also exceed the expectations of quality that have been set out by NOCAE.

This is a more affordable option that still manages to exceed the quality standards. However, some people have problems with using the adjustment features to begin with.

Overall: This is the best lacrosse helmet for a junior player that?s looking for awesome level of protection without having to pay out too much. We tested this one and it worked very well taking a few checks to the head. We were also shocked to see these were currently on a massive discount so definitely worth checking out.

10. STX Stallion 100 Lacrosse Helmet

STX Stallion 100 Lacrosse Helmet Review

The shell of this helmet has been made using ABS materials. This is highly effective at protecting you, while also being able to withstand heavy impacts.

As a result, it can last you for a long time to come. There is an elastic adjustment feature available too. This is awesome for enabling you to tighten and loosen the helmet to make sure that it fits you perfectly.

With a liner made out of EPP materials, you can feel confident in knowing that your head will be protected. In addition to this, they have implemented an EVA liner that works to keep you comfortable, while also acting as another layer of protection.

The size of the shell with this helmet is larger than some were expecting. But with the EPP and EVA materials for comfort and protection, this is a downside that you could get used to over time.

Overall: Another awesome youth lacrosse helmet made by STX which has made our list. Inspired by NFL helmets, these were really put to the test by us and passed with flying colours. Plus they look pretty awesome as well.

We did some digging on Youtube and found this cool complete guide from Dick's sporting goods which goes through the different parts of the helmet and how it is designed to help protect you. It's only two and a half minutes long so definitely worth a watch if you aren't in a bit of a hurry.