Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What’s the best lacrosse shoulder pad that’s actually great for protection and easy to put on? Well, there’s so many quality options out there and filtering through these can be overwhelming.

We’ve analysed so many shoulder pads, almost over 50, and we believe that the best shoulder pads right now is the Warrior Burn Hitman. This is just an amazing all round product by Warrior who are just making some awesome products right now. They are very lightweight and make it so easy to play with it. We were also mind blown by just how cheap they are right now here at Lacrosse Monkey so definitely worth checking out.

Obviously each players requirements are different and finding the right shoulder pad for you will depend on various things, mostly how often you play and the level that you will be playing at. If you are tired of your shoulder protection being way too small for you or your straps keep getting completely ripped off, then hopefully our article will help find some better options.

Shoulder pads are designed to protect you from checks and slashes so you need to find one that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Whether you are playing in the NLL or just taking up the sport, if you feel like you are going to get hurt or don’t have faith in your equipment, it’s going to affect your performance.

Some of you reading this might be a completely new beginner and it is worth taking some time to familiarise yourself with the difference between shoulder pads and what to look out for. We managed to find this cool little video by on Youtube who provide an in-depth talk about the shoulder pad and is great viewing for anyone who is completely new to the scene.

As with any products out there, you have premium products that can go up to $160 and these are obviously awesome pads. But could you shop around a little to see if there is an option that’s slightly cheaper but just as protective. Yes, you absolutely could!

Whatever your budget is or even skill level you are, there’s a shoulder pad for you. In this article we’ve put together our top rated shoulder pads right now and we are super excited to nerd out a little. If you are also looking to protect your hands, here’s our look at our top rated lacrosse gloves available right now. We can also show you some of the best lacrosse helmets out there too which are actually good at protecting your head.

Best Lacrosse Shoulder Pads 2019

1. Warrior Burn Hitman

Warrior Burn Hitman Lacrosse Shoulder Pad ReviewThese Warrior Burn Hitman shoulder pads have been made with a lightweight design, while also being effective at keeping you well protected. They have implemented a Burn Speed feature that makes sure the pads fit close to your body.

As a result, you are able to feel more comfortable. In addition to this, the closer feel provides you with more mobility and keeps your shoulders and sternum protected. People have also been liking how it has a low profile design, while still managing to keep you protected.

We were impressed with the Warfit Hitman System as it allows you to wear the shoulder pads with a more customized fit. This is another one of the excellent features that make these shoulder pads so flexible.

A shoulder and sub cap are available that can expand and contract while you move to improve our mobility. With 2 Velcro straps available, you are able to fit these shoulder pads tightly to your body and adjust them with ease.

These shoulder pads are available at an affordable price too. So, if you’re looking for shoulder pads that provide you with protection and flexibility, while keeping your costs down, these pads could be a great option.

Having said that, the tighter fit may not be something that’s best for players of a larger size or who would prefer a slightly looser fit.

Overall: Fantastic value for money! The signature Warrior foam leaves you feeling safe out there while also feeling lightweight when put on. It is also surprisingly flexible especially around the shoulder area. These are awesome for an intermediate to advanced player that have had some game time before.

2. Brine Triumph 3

Brine Triumph 3 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad Liner ReviewIf you are new to the sport, then you may not have heard of Brine as much as some of the other brands on display here. We personally reviewed their heads which you can find in our top rated lacrosse heads guide. But the question is will the shoulder pad perform just as well?

The Brine Triumph 3 shoulder pads have been made with a special aeroshield foam material, along with inserts of Skylight caps. As a result, you are provided with a lot of protection.

We liked how the foam materials work effectively to absorb any impact. In addition to this, there is a chest piece that has been made with an articulating design. This feature allows the chest plate to slide out and in freely while you’re moving.

People have been noticing that this feature provides them with a lot of mobility. Furthermore, They have used a new break pattern which is another great system that keeps you well protected.

You are able to wear these shoulder pads with a customized fit too. This is because of the strap system that’s incredibly easy to use and adjust whenever and however you like. If you are concerned about sweating while playing, you’ll find that these shoulder pads could be a great option.

They have incorporated a liner material that works incredibly well to wick moisture away to keep you dry and cool while you’re playing. This ventilation system also means that you can prevent any odors from occurring.

One downside that some people have been mentioning is that there isn’t quite as much protection on the ribs as they were expecting. So, if you’re getting checked often while playing, you may need to wear additional rib protection.

Overall: Super affordable! The biggest selling point for these is the price. We were surprised just at how cheap you can pick these up here at Lacrosse Monkey. Great ventilation as well which means it keeps you nice and cool out there. Definitely worth the purchase!

3. Warrior Burn Hitlyte

Warrior Burn Hitlyte Lacrosse Shoulder Pad ReviewThese Warrior Burn Hitlyte shoulder pads have been made for people who are looking for a lightweight fit that isn’t too focused on providing you with total protection.

They have implemented a Burn Speed look which is a design feature that makes the shoulder pads fit tightly to your body. This can provide you with a lot of comfort, while also ensuring that you’re able to move more freely and me super mobile.

We were impressed with how they have redesigned these shoulder pads to have more anatomical breaks. This is because it provides the shoulder pads with a profile that’s lower to make sure that it can still provide you with some protection.

These breaks in the design are also an effective ventilation system. As a result, you’re able to keep your body circulated with air to remain cool and dry while you’re playing. People have really been noticing how comfortable these shoulder pads feel to wear.

So, if you’re looking for shoulder pads that have an incredibly lightweight and lower profile design, these ones could be a great choice. However, if you were wanting to get more protection from shoulder pads, rather than have a lightweight feel, these ones may not be the best option for you.

4. Maverik Rome RX3

Maverik Rome RX3 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad ReviewThe Maverik Rome RX3 shoulder pads are among the brand’s higher end lacrosse gear. They have used a convertible feature while designing these pads that provide you with a lot of customizable features to make the pads perfect for your playing style.

You’re able to easily remove the panels in the chest and back, as well as the shoulder caps, and bicep guards. This offers you a lot of customizable options that you can take advantage of to tailor the shoulder pads exactly the way that you want them to fit.

You can alter how much protection you want and whether you want to be able to play with a more lightweight feel or not. We were impressed with how versatile these pads are because the customizable aspect makes them great for players of at all levels.

The chest and back plates have been implemented with Poron XRD foam materials. These are highly effective at absorbing impact while being breathable and lightweight. A 37.5 liner is also available that dissipates heat and sweat to keep you cool and dry.

With mesh straps and a ComfortFit arch system, you’re able to adjust the shoulder pads to your liking.

The only downside to these pads is that they are a more expensive option. However, this higher price point may be worth it if you’re after completely customizable pads.

Overall: Some of the lightest shoulder protection on the market right now. The first reaction putting these on is how easy it is to get on and off while being flexible enough to move as much as you want without the pad itself moving. It is more at the premium end but definitely worth that extra bit of money.

5. TRUE Frequency

TRUE Frequency Lacrosse Shoulder Pad ReviewThese True Frequency lacrosse shoulder pads have been implemented with EVA foam materials that are available on both the back and front. This provides you with total protection from the front and back.

We liked how they’ve managed to keep you well protected without making the pads feel too bulky. The lightweight design of these pads enable you to move around quickly and with flexibility, while also being well protected.

You can make adjustments that are available at the top clavicles to take out the protection in the arms whenever you like. This is a fantastic customizable feature that lets you alter how much protection or flexibility that you want.

There are Velcro straps available that you can use to secure the shoulder pads tightly to your body. These straps are stretchy which means that they feel comfortable to wear.

People looking for a tighter fit will be glad to find that these pads have an anatomical design that keeps it closer to your body. A special liner has been used to ensure that moisture can be wicked away to keep you cool and dry.

Overall: This is True’s first entry into the shoulder protection world and we have to say that they have done an awesome job with these. When you put these on, it feels like you don’t have them on, they are so lightweight and offer defiant range of motion. Price isn’t too bad either, currently on sale here at Lacrosse Monkey.

6. STX Stallion 50

STX Stallion 50 Lacrosse Shoulder Pad ReviewThese STX Stallion 50 shoulder pads have been designed to provide you with complete protection across your body. Therefore, they are a fantastic option for beginners who want to keep themselves well protected at all times.

We liked how you can easily adjust these shoulder pads too. This provides them with a more customizable feature that lets players of all sizes wear the pads.

A name tag is also included. This can be very handy when it comes to ensuring that someone else doesn’t mistakenly pick up your shoulder pads instead of their own. In addition to this, there are pinnie holders available that have a reversible design.

We recommend these shoulder pads more for newer players who want to have more protection. This is because more experience players may find that the coverage limits their range of motion and ability to be more agile and fast.

Overall: Fantastic shoulder pads for someone just starting out! This is great for all you beginners out there who are looking for lots of protection because these pads have a really wide coverage area. You’ll also see the spine is really nice and protected down the back. Obviously, these are super cheap here on Lacrosse Monkey and worth checking out.

7. Maverik Max Speed

Maverik Max Speed Lacrosse Shoulder Pad ReviewThe Maverik Max Speed shoulder pads have been made to provide you with complete protection, while also being lightweight and comfortable to wear. We liked how your upper arms are able to feel completely free while wearing these pads.

As a result, you have more mobility which enables you to play with more speed. We were also impressed with the DuraStretch panels that have been fitted on the torso.

These are highly effective at being able to move in conjunction with your body. This adds to the mobility of the pads to keep you flexible. It’s also still very effective at protecting your body. In addition to this, there are anaform materials used in the back and chest plates.

We found these materials to be remarkably effective at absorbing any impact to keep you safer. Furthermore, they have included a 37.5 liner that has been made using special materials. This liner is excellent for allowing plenty of air to flow throughout the shoulder pads to keep you cool and dry while you’re playing.

A ComforFit arch has been included with these shoulder pads too. This feature provides you with the ability to adjust the way that the pad fits for a more customized feel.

Overall, these shoulder pads are comfortable, lightweight, and great for keeping you protected against heavy impact. You’re also provided with plenty of mobility.

8. Warrior Rabil Ultralyte

Warrior Rabil Ultralyte Lacrosse Shoulder Pad ReviewThe Warrior Rabil Ultralyte shoulder pads have been made with an extremely low profile design. This design allows you to move around with tons of flexibility and speed.

They have implemented a slip-on compression feature that enables you to wear the shoulder pads with a closer feel to your body. This is one of the main aspects that makes these shoulder pads so flexible.

We also liked how this design means that they’re aren’t any straps. As a result, there’s less weight for you to carry and the pads feel more comfortable to wear.

State-of-the-art D30 foam for mind-blowing protection!

With high grade D30 Aero foam materials, you can be sure that your body will be well protected from high-velocity impacts. The way this style of foam works is by toughening up when it is impacted. So it remains soft during play until there is some impact where the molecules line up and become rigid. Pretty cool stuff and definitely a massive plus point.

A Wartech FNC compression layer has been implemented that allows plenty of air to circulate throughout the pads. This feature is effective for keeping you cool, dry, and more comfortable while playing.

Some people find that these pads run very small. Therefore, you may need to consider getting a larger size than usual to ensure they fit properly.

Overall: State-of-the-art top end gear! Awesome protection without feeling too bulky! The D30 foam throughout the pad is just an awesome bit of work by Warrior. So easy to put on as well and doesn’t feel restricted either. Another fantastic product from the market leader in shoulder protection.

9. STX Cell 4

STX Cell 4 Lacrosse Shoulder Pads ReviewWe were impressed with how these shoulder pads have been made with GeoFlex II technology. This feature makes the pads feel incredibly light and you are provided with more flexibility while playing.

In addition to this, you can be sure to play intense games while remaining cool and dry This is a result of the breathable protection system that has been implemented. It works to allow plenty of air to flow throughout the shoulder pads.

The shoulder caps have been made with an anatomical design too. This means that the shoulder pads have a tighter fit to your body, which gives them a more secure feeling. In addition to this, there are straps that can be adjusted.

These provide you with a great opportunity to customize how you want the pads to fit. The pads in the biceps can also be removed to add to the customization benefits. To provide you with a complete range of motion while playing, a 7-point stretch zone system has been used.

10. Maverik Rome

Maverik Rome Lacrosse Speed Pad ReviewMaverik’s Rome shoulder pads have been made with high-quality Poron XRD foam materials that feel incredibly soft to keep you comfortable. However, whenever you come into contact with any impact, these foam materials become hard to absorb the energy and keep you protected.

Anaform back and chest plates have been implemented too. These work in combination with the foam materials to offer you more protection against heavy impact. These panels can also be easily removed if you wanted to alter how the shoulder pads fit your body.

A ComforFit and 4-way mesh strap system provide you with more customizable options. These features all work well together to ensure that you can wear the pads in a way that feels the most comfortable for your body.

You can also keep yourself cool and dry while wearing these pads. This is a result of the special lining that has been used. It’s effective at wicking moisture away to keep you nice and cool. .