New Balance Burn X Cleats Review

With the entry of New Balance in Lacrosse, lots of people want to know how good these New Balance Burn X cleats really are. New Balance have built a reputation for producing the most comfortable shoes on the market right now in various different sports, but have they continued this trend into Lacrosse.

After spending countless hours testing and analyzing these cleats, I?m excited to provide an in-depth insight into these shoes. As you may already know, these were already featured in our best lacrosse cleats that are actually comfortable to wear guide. This is worth a read if you are looking for the best cleats on the market right now.?There?s nothing worse than buying a new pair of cleats that hurt your feet or don?t properly fit your feet.

I?m not saying this will be the most technologically advanced review where I will go into all the different types of foams and materials that are used to build the shoe. However, if you are looking to know if these are a good comfy pair of cleats and a good financial decision, then I hope this helps.

Let?s start with the design

At first sight when you look at the bottom, the coating looks nuts! Obviously the coating on the soleplate doesn?t last forever as it does chip off when they get dirty from being banged up.

But, what?s really cool in my opinion is when you look at the cleat from the side, the coating almost makes it look burnt. Not a huge deal but quite a cool touch from New Balance.

These come in all sorts of colours, the one I love is the all-white edition which looks quite stylish and quite hard to come by as well because they tend to be such a cool look.

New Balance have almost mentioned that the cleats consists of an engineered mesh upper which is a solid upper with some padding built in for comfort.

What about the materials?

When it comes to footwear, any sports enthusiast will know New Balance are huge in the shoes industry and well known for making super comfortable shoes. The Burn X is no different! As soon as you put these on, the first thing you notice is just how soft and comfortable they feel on your feet. ?Plus they are not stiff like some of the cheaper options which can be horrible to run in.

The materials actually used in the cleats are your dual density TPU which gives it that awesome feel and comfort.

What?s the fit and feel like?

I would say these cleats provide a more roomy fit. With the Freeze cleats, they were known for being quite narrow in the toe box region so for players with wide feet, they would become more painful after extensive time wearing these. However, Burn X?s are great for players with wide feet and you won?t feel any pain at all. That doesn?t mean the cleats will feel loose, they still fit like a glove as to speak and are just awesome to run in.

Looking at the inside, the blue pad in the insoles is a foam insert which is very squishy and feels so soft, again great for running in. This is New Balance?s premium cushioning material and is great if you are someone who plays quite frequently or even a few games over the space of a weekend.


The interesting thing about the tongue on these cleats is that they are detached on one side. So, if you have seen the Freeze cleats then you will have noticed they had a more traditional floating tongue. With this detached design on the Burn X, it stops the tongue migration on the shoe which helps with turf beads in your cleats.


These shoes are really designed for you speedsters out there. If you look at the New Balance Freeze cleats, you will notice the cleats kind of stick out at the side which are designed for planting your foot and cutting. These Burn X?s serve a different purpose in that they are great for acceleration and anyone needing to be quick off the mark.

The studs themselves are very flat and angular which really help with that first quick step as well as straight line speed.

Price and where should we buy these from?

This is probably where most of you will be wondering how much it will cost to reap all these benefits. To be fair to New Balance, compared to some of the other options available out there, these are not actually that expensive. I would say it?s in the mid-tier price range whereas their Freeze LX shoes are probably top of the range.

Cleats tend to go all the way up to $130 for the really top-end options and so you could probably purchase two of these for that price (like these ones on Lacrosse Monkey). I would go as far as to say, they are actually more comfortable on your feet then some of the more premium shoes.


Overall, these are all about comfort! With New Balance expanding into lacrosse and being well known for producing comfortable footwear, these really are a power payer in the market. These are also super light on your feet and like we mentioned, great for speedy players looking for that acceleration and just easy to move around in. If comfort is a huge thing for you, then I don?t think you will find too many other shoes that will provide more comfort than these!