The Best Lacrosse Chest Protectors For Goalies [2021] – Top Rated Choices

The Best Lacrosse Chest Protectors For Goalies [2021] - Top Rated Choices

In a game where shots can fly at over 100 mph, goalies can be in great danger without a durable chest protector.

A chest protector is meant to protect the vital organs from lacrosse shots. So, players must give special attention when buying a chest protector.

To stay protected from possible crashes and harm, you need the best Lacrosse chest protectors for goalies.

A chest protector should be solid enough to provide optimum protection and lightweight for stress-free movement. Thankfully, this guide discusses the Lacrosse chest protectors that meet the new ND200 standard.

The New Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector Rule for 2021

The US lacrosse safety rules for goalies implemented a law in January 2021. The law states that all goalies' chest protectors must meet the standard of NOCSAE, ND200 [1].

This standard is designed to serve as a protective measure to help lower impact on players, thus reducing the risk of commotio cordis.

The rule is mandatory in the US Lacrosse boys and girls youth rule, NFHS boys and girls’ high school rules, and the NCAA men's and women’s rules.

The product design may vary from one manufacturer to another, but the product must have the tag's NOCSAE logo.

It must also have Safety Equipment Institute certification and the NOCSAE logo on both the package and product.

6 Best Lacrosse Chest Protectors for Goalies


Skill Level



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1. STX Lacrosse Women’s Sultra Goalie Chest Protector

Editor's Choice





2. Brine King Superlight Chest Pad

Budget Friendly





3.STX Lacrosse Goalies Shield 300 Lacrosse Chest Protector

Best for Youth





4. Warrior Nemesis Chest Pad





5. Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Rome RX3 Goalie Chest Pad





6. Brine King Chest Pad





1. STX Lacrosse Women’s Sultra Goalie Chest Protector

Editor's Choice

This STX goalie chest protector is one of the few chest guards made for female lacrosse players. It is suitable for goalies who love to dare the game with its durable design. Its lightweight features also give more game flexibility as you aim for the net.

The chest pad is equipped with stretch zones in the shoulder, stomach, and chest region to give 100% fit and comfort. Meaning, you don’t need any extra adjustment to fit.

It also features a removable belly pad for more comfort while giving you more mobility and stability. The shoulder and belly pad will also keep players protected from strong impact.

To prevent odor and enjoy a relaxing gaming time, the chest protector has a microbe shield protector.

  • Lightweight
  • Customizable fit
  • Durable
  • Removable pad
  • Stretch Zones
  • May wear off easily
  • Slightly difficult to maintain

2. Brine King Superlight Chest Pad  


The Brine King Superlight chest pad is suitable for goalies who love to have maximum control and performance without sacrificing mobility.

The chest guard is equipped with a wide, protective Dual-density ICS sternum pad for increased protection from hits.

For extra performance and comfort, the chest pad features a high-quality Dual Velcro strap. Meaning you can easily customize it to your perfect fit.

It is also built with multiple breaks to make fitting more flexible and comfortable. So, you can easily turn to make critical saves.

Players do not have to worry about durability as the chest protector meets the NOCSAE ND200 standards.

  • Dual-density construction
  • High flexibility
  • Comfortable fit
  • Dual Velcro strap
  • Lightweight
  • Relatively expensive
  • The design may easily fade off

3STX Lacrosse Goalies Shield 300 Lacrosse Chest Protector 

Best for Youth

STX constructed this goalie chest protector with comfortable, customized features for more game-playing options.

It comes with a removable shoulder cap and stomach pad. So, you can easily remove and fix it as you desire.

Worried about Commotio Cordis? With the STX shield 300, you are sure of getting moderate coverage in the chest area. We also love the floating chest plate protection that gives players 100% protection for impact while granting lots of mobility.

The presence of a strap system makes it easy to adjust the chest protector to a perfect fit. For more reassuring conviction, the chest protector meets with the NOCSAE ND200 standard.

  • Adjustable strap
  • Durable construction
  • Maximum protection
  • Removable stomach pad
  • Flexible Fit

4. Warrior Nemesis Chest Pad

Warrior is known for making outstanding chest protectors, and the Nemesis chest pad is no exception.

It is equipped with an adjustable shoulder cap, letting goaltenders have maximum coverage. It also gives players a choice to remove them for a wider range of motion if they desire.

To give room for ultimate protection, the Nemesis chest protector is constructed with a reinforced chest plate with a bone system. It also features an additional Impax foam to protect goalies from high impact.

Users love the floating belly pad that prevents the chest pad from causing disruptions when making low saves. The adjustable forward-facing shoulder further makes the chest protector great for various ball patterns.

  • Adjustable shoulder cap
  • Superior impact protection
  • Versatile usage
  • Durable chest plate
  • Slightly inflexible
  • Slightly small coverage area

5. Maverik Lacrosse Men’s Rome RX3 Goalie Chest Pad

With the Maverik loads of outstanding features, it is no surprise that it makes the list of the best lacrosse chest protectors for goalies.

This chest protector is a perfect combination of precision, power, and protection.

It features a segmented design that provides the drape on the body. The split chest panel also allows the players to move without any restrictions. The triple-density foam design helps enhance goalie protection from crashes.

Furthermore, it has an Anafoam chest plate designed to prevent any chest impact while enhancing movement. The Poron XRD foam materials give a comfortable, soft feel but harden during impacts to protect the sternum and clavicle.

For a more customizable fit, the chest guard comes with a 4-way stretch mesh back strap. There is also the presence of a 37.5 liner.

No discomfort during games as the chest protector has a soft liner, which dries fast when wet from sweat.

  • 4-way stretch back strap
  • Triple density foam
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Sternum protector
  • Fast evaporating liner

6. Brine King Chest Pad

The Brine King Chest pad has made a mark in the lacrosse game by offering maximum chest protection that gives other chest guards a run for their money.

These chest pads feature aero shield foam to ensure more comfort. They are also designed with a skylight cap that acts as an impact absorber, protecting the player from hits.

Lacrosse goalies can now enjoy more mobility with the multiple breaks design while giving them a comfortable fit. The adjustable fit system enhances the perfect fit while reducing pad shift tendencies.

 Also, the lacrosse chest protector features a ventilator liner that dries fast, giving you a dry and odor-free game
  • Adjustable fit system
  • High mobility
  • Ventilator fresh liner
  • Impact absorption
  • Durable option
  • Slightly small coverage area

Why You Might Want to Get a Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector

There are lots of reasons why it is essential to buy a lacrosse goalie chest protector. But the major reason is that Lacrosse goalie chest protection meets with SEI certification.

In the game of Lacrosse, protection is important. Goalies require a lot of protection, especially in the chest region, to prevent hard impact on the heart [2].

The chest pads also offer protection to the ribs, shoulder, waist, and back area.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing the Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector

Buying a lacrosse goalie chest protector can be quite challenging as there are many options in the market. So, we have created a list of things to consider before choosing a chest protector.

Maximum Protection

The most important action a chest protector should offer is maximum protection, especially when it has to do with the paddings and coverage.

The lacrosse chest protector should have maximum protection around the sternum area. A lot of manufacturers use protective foam material that helps distribute force away from the impact point, thus reducing the force.

The build of the coverage area is also relevant. The chest guard should be wide and long enough to protect the vital areas.

Your choice should depend on the body type. If you have a longer torso, you should go for a goalie chest protector with coverage around the base.


Durability is important as everyone would love to get a product that they can use season after season.

For durability, all chest protectors should meet the new ND200 standard. Also, you should check the strap’s quality, including their connecting clips.


Comfort and flexibility are important because goalies also need to feel comfortable as well as protected.

So, when buying a chest protector, ensure they have adjustable straps to fit your rib, waist, shoulders, and back.

While some lacrosse chest pads are stiff and give players uppercuts every time, they try to save the ball. Some other pads also bunch, whichever way. Whichever way, the choice depends on the physique of the player.


Your chest protector should be able to provide high breathability. They should dry up fast and not absorb sweat.

Some of the best lacrosse chest protectors for goalies have moisture-wicking technology to reduce sweat absorption. 


Budget is an important factor most people consider when buying a lacrosse goalie chest pad.

Although many people tend to go for a cheaper chest protector, it is vital to note that you are purchasing one of the most protective gear.

Thankfully, most lacrosse goalie chest protectors are good quality and budget-friendly too.

Final Words 

Goalies need the right chest protector to prevent harm during the game. And our top choice from this guide is the STX Lacrosse Women’s Sultra Goalie Chest Protector.

This chest protector is equipped with a stretch zone at the stomach, shock, and chest region for total fit. It is also made of high-quality, durable material for optimum protection.

The Brine King Superlight Chest Pad is a budget-friendly option. Aside from that, the chest protector is lightweight and flexible for efficient ball catch.

For high performance and durability, the STX Lacrosse Goalies Shield 300 Lacrosse Chest Protector is an excellent comfort and flexibility choice

Frequently Asked Questions

What is NOCSAE ND200?

NOCSAE ND200 is the first standard of performance for chest protection.

Chest protectors that are in line with this standard have low impact force. They, thereby, reduce cardiac arrest, which results from a blow to the heart (commotio cordis).

Who is most at risk for sustaining a commotio cordis injury?

Players of any age and sex are most at risk of sustaining the injury. But, statistics reveal that the tendency of developing the disease is more in young male athletes.

When must goalies begin using chest protection that meets the NOCSAE standard?

It starts in 2021. All goalies' chest protectors, whether for youth, high school, collegiate or postcollegiate, must meet the new performance standard of the NOCSAE.

When must boys’ & men’s field players have pads that meet the NOCSAE ND200 standard?

Starting from January 2022, all men/boys who play in the field must use shoulder pads or chest protectors that meet the NOCSAE standard of performance.

Most manufacturers have started introducing chest protection for boys field players into the market.

The US Lacrosse team also encourages all field players to start using sooner instead of waiting on the 2022 mandate.

How do I know that the chest protector I buy meets the NOCSAE standard?

All products that meet the NOCSAE standards have certification by the independent Safety Equipment Institute (SEI).

They also have the NOCSAE Lacrosse label on them. So, customers are, therefore, advised to check the SEI website to confirm if the brand of chest protector is approved.

How should a lacrosse goalie chest protector fit?

The chest protector should fit around the chest, belly, shoulder, and neck region.

It should fit in such a way that there will be enough space to breathe.

It should also extend to the waist and belt region for maximum coverage.

What is the best lacrosse chest protector?

STX Lacrosse Women’s Sultra Goalie Chest Protector is the best lacrosse chest protector.

Aside from STX, other great chest protectors are Maverik, Warrior Nemesis, Reebok, etc.

Is lacrosse goalie chest protector working?

Yes, each lacrosse goalie chest protector must have SEI certification to give the player optimum protection.

What chest protectors do NHL goalies wear?

NHL goalies wear Vaughn chest protectors.

What protective equipment does a lacrosse goalie wear?

A Lacrosse goalie wears protective equipment like a helmet, throat guard, mouth guard, chest protector, and gloves.

Can lacrosse goalies wear shin guards?

Yes, lacrosse goalies can wear shin guards. The chest guard rules insist that goalies should wear a shin guard or any extra padding.

 In addition, the padding must not increase the size of the body part. Meaning lacrosse players cannot use ice or field hockey shin guards as they increase the size of the limb

How do you size a goalie chest protector?

To size a goalie chest protector, measure the wingspan and your height. The wingspan is the distance between your right middle fingertip to the other with arms stretched wide. Use a cloth tape measure to get the size.

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