Best Roller Hockey Skates (2020) – Inline Hockey Skates

Every hockey player has probably played some type of street hockey at some point in their life.

Having the best roller hockey skates plays a big role in street hockey, which is why we decided to make this review to help you choose the right pair for you.

So what's the right roller hockey skate for you? Although for us, Bauer is the market leader out there when it comes to skates, there is in fact so many quality roller skates that actually boast some impressive features and technology.

We've tested over 26 models and we believe that the best inline hockey skates right now are the Bauer Vapor XR600.

They feel so comfortable on your feet which makes life so much easier when you put these on. You might also want to take a look at our list of best ice hockey skates while you're here.

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We're going to show you some simple steps if you're new to hockey to buying skates but if you already know feel free to scroll down to the review!

How To Fit Roller Blades

This is fairly simple to do and has been mentioned in our Best Hockey Skates 2017 Review, basically the same concept but just ice skates. Here's a couple good techniques for you to use.

Pencil Test

Basically you set your foot into the skate and place a pencil or on the third eyelet, if the pencil touches your foot the sole is not deep enough for you. If the pen sits on the eyelet, you are good to go as long as it doesn't touch your foot.

best roller blades

Finger Test

Fully lace your skates and get into full hockey stance, then reach you fingers into the heel of the boot and see how many fingers will fit. There should only be one finger able to fit in there or if there's room for more and you should try a different pair so the boot will lock in your feet for full control.

Best Inline Hockey Skates (2020)


Skill Level



Check Now

1. Bauer Vapor XR600

Editor's Choice




2. Mission Inhaler FZ-0

High Performance




3. Bauer RSX Roller Skates

Budget Friendly




4. Mission Inhaler FZ-5




5. Bauer RS Inline Skates

For Beginners




6. Bauer Vapor 1XR




7. CCM Tacks 9060R




1. Bauer Vapor XR600 Roller Hockey Skates

Best Roller Hockey Skates (Editor's Choice)

Bauer Vapor XR300 Roller Skates Review

The Bauer Vapor XR600 is the latest addition in the Bauer Inline Hockey Skates series. The prime trait of these inline skates is that they provide the flexibility and stability that all entry players seek, for an affordable price.

The Bauer Vapor XR600 inline skates feature a quarter package that is constructed with an injected composite microfiber woven inside the liner. At the same time, the ankle padding on this pair of skates is made of Anaform to provide an unmatched level of comfort.

Moreover, the tongue of the Bauer Vapor XR600 is made with a two-piece anatomical felt that results in a lot of comfort, and prevents lace bites.

Another notable feature of the Bauer Vapor XR600 is that it features a Hi-Lo Ventilator Steele chassis specifically designed for the reduction of resistance, and for an improved balance. The wheels on this skates are the standard Hi-Lo Street wheels with high-grade ABEC 7 bearings, resulting in a very smooth ride.

All in all, the Bauer Vapor XR600 are the best roller hockey skates on the market! We did do some digging on Youtube and found a slightly more in-depth review of these from the guys over at Ice Warehouse. Definitely worth a quick watch if you have a moment.

2. CCM Tacks 9060R Roller Hockey Skates

New for early 2019 is the CCM Tracks 9060R roller skates. The CCM tracks 9060R incorporate a number of key features that are only notable in the higher-end skates. However, these key features are catered to the recreational and entry-level players.

The CCM Tracks 9060R come injected with the all-new Mesh technology, which provides great durability and results in a better performance. For this, all credits o to the stiffness of this material. At the same time, injected plastic is used for the construction of the outsole. This provides a great level of protection to players, from the pucks and stick checks.

The interior of the CCM Tracks 9060R, on the other hand, brushed microfiber liner is used to wick moisture away effectively, and to make the strides far more efficient during the game. The microfiber liner is paired with a two-piece felt tongue of 5 mm width, resulting in great protection and comfort.

Finally, 82A hard outdoor wheels partnered with the two-piece aluminum FastFrame chassis further add to this pair’s value!

3. Bauer Vapor 1XR Roller Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor 1XR Roller Hockey Skates Review

The Bauer Vapor 1XR is a highly advanced pair of skate in Bauer’s line of inline hockey skates. The Bauer Vapor makes use of a Curv composite quarter package having an X-Rib design.

The skates come in black color with silver and red accents all over it. As a result of which, they give off an extremely premium feel making the player look like he certainly means business!

The Bauer Vapor 1XR features an all-new locked-down fit. For this, major credit goes to the latest Flex-Lock Pro tongue. The locked down fit results in an unmatched forward flex along with excellent protection while playing.

A highly comfortable Ankle padding is yet another notable feature of the Bauer Vapor, which ensures that the ankles remain protecting.

The boots are constructed with a Hi-Lo Kryptonium chassis with RV Variant Plus wheels attached to it. As a result of this, this pair of boots has an unmatched level of control.

All in all, the Bauer Vapor 1XR is a top-end pair of boots that is no less than a treat for every serious player.

4. Alkali RPD Lite R Inline Hockey Skates

Alkali RPD Lite R Roller Skates Review

Whether you are playing a pick-up game or a drop-in in the street, the Alkali RPD Lite R is going to serve you just right! This pair of inline skates are built with the same design and feel as the top-of-the-line skates in the Alkali line.

Alkali RPD Lite R features a very lightweight quarter package for added stability and protection. The added stiffness at the same time improves durability and performance. At the same time, the boot remains extremely lightweight.

At the same time, the RPD Lite R also features a moldable heat liner, along with comfortable ankle bats so as to dampen the contact between the boot and. The ankles. Moreover, a comfort foam has been installed in the 7mm felt tongue, along with lace bite protection. As a result of this, the boot is extremely comfortable.

Alkali Lite 78A wheels along with ABEC 7 608 bearings are equipped on to the two-piece stamped chassis, which makes this pair of boots extremely versatile for both outdoor and indoor playing.

5. Bauer RS Roller Hockey Skates

For Beginners

Bauer RS Roller Hockey Skates Review

The Bauer RS is the all-new addition to the Bauer inline hockey skates series for the year 2019. Whether you are a casual or an entry player, the Bauer RS skates are the perfect option as they provide a number of features that are only found on the high-end skates. That too, without breaking your bank!

As far as the construction of Bauer RS goes, it involves the use of a composite weaved quarter package injected inside. This results in a great amount of protection without an added weight. For the tongue, Bauer has made use of a two-piece felt tongue featuring inserts and an anatomical fit. As a result of this, a high level of mobility is achieved.

The interior involves the use of Bauer’s signature microfiber liner, which prevents the feet from getting sweaty and dry. As a result of which, the players get to maintain the maximum level of control in every stride.

In case you want to get the most out of your roller hockey experience at an affordable price, the Bauer RS should be your prime choice.

6. Mission Inhaler FZ-0 Roller Hockey Skates

High Performance Inline Hockey Skates

Mission Inhaler FZ-5 Roller Hockey Skates Review

The Mission Inhaler FZ-0 is the latest edition of roller hockey skates by Mission Hockey. This pair of skates bring a number of new features along with the same old tried-and-tested ones. With this pair on, a player will be ready to take the field with storm!

The upper half of the Mission Inhaler FZ-0 has been constructed with a PU quarter package. It is quite protective, highly durable, and lightweight in nature. At the same time, a ventilation system is also featured on both ends of boots which helps to wick the moisture away. Moreover, it also increases the breathability and air flow during gameplay.

On the other hand, the bottom part of this pair of skates involves a fiber composite outsole construction, paired up with an Aluminum Hi-Lo chassis. This results in unmatched durability and performance.

As far as the wheels go, two 80mm Union wheels are mounted on the back of the chassis while two 76mm Labeda Union wheels are mounted to the front.

All in all, the Mission Inhaler FZ-0 are the best inline hockey skates if high performance is your priority.

7. Bauer Vapor XR500 Inline Hockey Skates

Bauer Vapor XR500 Roller Skates Review

The Bauer Vapor XR500 is one of the latest additions in the Bauer line, boasting the all-new reinforced TrueForm PU boot. As a result of this, the Bauer Vapor XR500 offers an unmatched level of durability and wonderful performance at an affordable cost.

At the same time, new one-piece ankle support and the internal heel has also been implemented in the Bauer Vapor XR500. This results in increased longevity of the skate with an improved level of stability.

The XR500 also boasts an all-new improved tongue that carries a lace-bite guard, for better comfort. The injected foams absorb the impact energy from the pucks and slashes while providing protection from the lace bites at the same time.

Internally, the XR500 feature heat-moldable AnaForm ankle pads that are further linked with hydrophobic microfibers. This wicks away the moisture, and prevent the player’s foot from getting sweaty inside the boot.

Apart from that, the Hi-Lo 1 piece aluminum frame has made its debut in the Vapor line, which is more responsive and durable as compared to the earlier two-piece versions.

Thank you for checking out our review here at What All The Pros Use! We hope to see you back soon and be sure to check out our other awesome reviews!

How To Change Out Wheels

After some play, your wheels will wear down depending on how much you play. This usually depends on what skate you get, but there are usually screws along where the wheels are. Simply unscrew those  to get it loose.

Then comes the slightly harder part. Most replacement wheels don't come with bearings which is what makes the wheels turn. You're going to want to get the bearings out of the old wheels which will last for a long time. Most people don't know how to do this so I will show you how!

This is what the bearing looks like and it's actually pretty easy to take out of a wheel, you just need the proper tools. You will need a small flat head screw driver and a hammer of some sort.

Step 1. line the flat head against the little circle in the middle you see there

Step 2. Use your hammer to knock the middle piece out

Step 3. Now that you have the bearing out it's time to put it in the new wheel

Step 4. Line the middle cylinder piece with one of two circle piece and knock it back in there

Step 5. Line the new wheel up with the cylinder sticking up and hammer the new wheel onto the bearing

Step 6. Get your other circular piece and hammer it into the wheel

Step 7. Repeat with all the other wheels

This make take some practice at first but eventually it will come very easy to you!