Kwik Goal Soccer Nets: The Best Choice for Private and Public Use

Top-rated Kwik Goal Soccer Nets for Outstanding Performance

Soccer requires a lot of tackles, tricks, and ball control, so players must get as much practice as they can.

To make your soccer net purchase faster and more productive, we have tested and reviewed some top-notch Kwik Goal soccer nets.

Kwik Goal produces some of the best nets in the market that meet every soccer players' needs.

The Different Styles of Soccer Nets

Soccer nets come in various styles, sizes, and shapes, and they have varying impacts on the player. This is because they are designed for different players, ages, and leagues.

Here are the various styles of soccer nets.

Net with Depth

These soccer nets usually have complicated styles as they are designed with a single crossbar. Most nets with depth come with portable build and permanent installation options.

They create a 90-degree angle with the front bar extended to the back with about two feet.

Net with depth is used mainly in schools and youth leagues.

It has more room inside to give the goalie improved performance while preventing players.

Also, it is heavier, more ductile, and comes with high-quality metal construction and a plastic or metal net.

Net without Depth

Nets without depth are designed with just a single crossbar. 

The net creates a 45-degree angle to the ground as it is hung down and connected to a side and back bar.

It is also portable and lightweight but doesn't have as much room for a goalie.

Box Soccer Net

The box soccer net is mainly used by high-level players. It comes in the form of a large rectangle shape with the right angles.

The net has a lot of space inside, and the net is usually looped over the frame.

It is made of metal and can be installed permanently or semi-permanently.

8 Best Kwik Goal Soccer Nets


Skill Level




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1. Kwik Goal 3.5-Inch Mesh Nets

Editor's Choice






2.Kwik Goal 4mm HTPP Net







3.Kwik Goal Mesh Replacement Net





4. Kwik Goal 3mm Twisted Net

Best For Professional






5. Kwik Goal Coerver Coaching Goal Replacement Net

Best For Coach





6. Kwik Goal Pocket Target Net






7. Kwik Goal Soccer Net 3-Inch






8.Kwik Goal, Ltd Soccer Net






1. Kwik Goal 3.5-Inch Mesh Nets

Editor's Choice

If you are looking for a soccer net that conforms to both public and private playgrounds, this soccer net is perfect. 

The net comes with a high tenacity polypropylene (HTTP) material, which is one of the strongest nettings available in the market.

This feature helps to give long-lasting usage.

The net is easy to set up, and the netting material is also better than the conventional polyethylene material as it is treated to resist UV rays. Meaning, you can use it permanently outside without being afraid of any color change or deterioration.

It is equipped with a 3½-inch mesh, a 3-mm solid braided, and knotless rope to withstand the hardest shots.

This feature also makes the item withstand wear and tear better than other conventional twisted and knotted options.

The 3B6823 net meets the entrapment prevention requirement by the CPSC and ASTM playground safety standards.

  • Durable
  • UV resistant
  • Braided, knotless rope construction
  • Withstands wear and tear
  • HTTP net
  • The setting up process may be a bit stressful

2. Kwik Goal 4mm HTPP Net

This Kwik Goal HTTP net comes at an affordable price without compromising on all the basic functions of expensive models.

The 4mm net is suitable for a goal dimension of 6.7’’ H by 9‘10’’ W by 2’8’’ D by 3’4’’ B goals. So, you can always pick a choice that suits you best.

It comes with a solid braid and a knotless rope design to withstand high ball impact without breakage. This makes the product perfect for rigorous training and other professional soccer games.

The net is equipped with an HTTP (high tenacity polypropylene) material, one of the best nettings available. This keeps the net protected from UV rays - a feature you can rarely find in other net brands.

We also love that the net meets the CPSC and ASTM standards.

  • Prevents entrapment
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Meets CPSC and ASTM standards

3Kwik Goal Mesh Replacement Net

This Kwik Goal replacement net is great for players who need a net with strength and durability.

It comes with a tough and rugged net that you can rely on regardless of the shot impact.

The item features High Tenacity Polypropylene (HTTP), which offers more strength than the standard polypropylene and polyethylene.

This 3.5 mm soccer net is suitable for 8’H x 24’W x 3’D x 8’B soccer goals.

Also, there is a depth at the top of the net to accommodate back strays. Plus, the advanced UV treatment prevents sun rays' impact.

This net usually comes with a mesh that prevents entrapment and discourages climbing. So, you can use it for your kids to play.

More importantly, it meets with the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and the CPSC (Consumer's Product Safety Commission) standards.

  • Sunray protection
  • Durable
  • Net with depth
  • Prevent entrapment
  • May easily loosen
  • A bit pricey

4. Kwik Goal 3mm Twisted Net 


This net is suitable for players who want to engage in rigorous training without the fear of net breakage or tear.

It is made from high-quality polypropylene and is designed to provide high longevity usage.

With its high versatility, the net is suitable for all-weather us. It comes with all-weather protection, making it perfect for high kicks after kicks and score after scores.

Also, it is easy to set up this net on your existing frames and get you back playing in no time.

The net is suitable for 4’5’’ H X 9’W X 2’ D X 5’ B goals.

It is reliable and suitable to nestle the strongest of strikes safely into your net.

  • Fast set up
  • Heavy-duty net
  • High-quality material
  • Available in various sizes

5. Kwik Goal Coerver Coaching Goal Replacement Net 

This Kwik Goal Coerver net is the best for players to hone their ball target skills.

Its easy setup process provides an excellent avenue for players to enhance their soccer skills. Meaning you can easily set it up and get back as quickly as possible.

The net is suitable for professional fields and your backyard with its all-weather features. This means it is not prone to weather damage.

Get ready to use it for a very long time as it also features polypropylene construction for high longevity.

The 3mm item is best for 8ft height by 24ft width for a more targeted purchase.

  • Easy to set up
  • High longevity
  • Durable construction
  • All-weather protection

6. Kwik Goal Pocket Target Net

If you are looking for a soccer net to help you practice and enhance your ball positioning skill, this net is your best option.

The net features a sturdy polyethylene with a twisted rope construction. So, it can stand up to the strongest kicks without tearing.

You have access to practice and polish your goal-scoring skill with the four 22-Inch corner pockets. All you have to do is target these spots as you play.

Also included is a net fastener that makes it easy to set the net in no time. You only need to fasten the net to the goal and be back in playing in no time.

The 24ft wide by 8ft tall practice soccer net has a portable build that makes it easy to compress.

  • Portable
  • Target area
  • Polyethylene construction
  • Presence of net fastener
  • Easy to use

7. Kwik Goal Soccer Net 3-Inch

This Kwik Goal pink soccer net will inspire you and your kids to practice more and more every day.

The product comes in various sizes, ranging from 8x24x3 inch to 8x24x6 inch. So, you can always find one to suit your goal.

It is equipped with High Tenacity Polypropylene (HTTP) to ensure that even the strongest strikes don’t break it.

The HTTP also has UV protection, making it resistant to sun ray damage.

In addition, the net is designed to fit various goals that have top runbacks or support brackets.

We love that the net is easy to set up in as little as five minutes. Therefore, you won't spend so much time waiting for it.

The net is also crafted from a 3mm solid braid, knotless material to give it a reliable fit for any soccer lover.

  • Durable
  • HTTP material
  • Easy to set up
  • Built for consistency

8. Kwik Goal, Ltd Soccer Net

The Kwik Goal Ltd soccer net is one of the tough, rugged nets you can rely on.

It comes with a solid braid and knotless design that you can use in public and private playgrounds.

To give a stronger and long-lasting usage, the net comes with a strong polypropylene material, which is stronger than other conventional polypropylene. So, you will use it for a really long time.

It is reliable to withstand any wear and tear, further increasing its durability.

We love that the net can withstand sun rays, meaning it will always maintain an outlook.

  • Durable
  • Polypropylene material
  • Easy to use

The Importance of Soccer Netting

The role of the soccer net in the game of soccer cannot be overestimated.

In the absence of a cocker net, it will be difficult to keep the game organized. This is because there will be nothing to nestle the ball.

Imagine a game with just a rectangular frame, then the goalie will have to run and fetch the ball all the time.

Having a soccer net also makes it easy to practice the game. You can practice various skills and improve your ball control.

Most soccer nets also come with targets to make players enhance their shooting accuracy.

Why You Might Want to Choose Kwik Goal

Kwik Goal has been in the market since 1981 [1]. The company has been producing soccer nets for goals that meet the needs of various age groups of players.

Various Net Styles

Kwik Goal nets come in three different styles, which include width, without depth, and box style.

This is to make it easy for them to accommodate the needs of different customers.

So with Kwik Goal, you can always find a net that meets your needs.


Kwik Goal soccer nets are made with high-quality HTTP material for long-lasting usage [2].

This material is more standard than those used by other soccer net producers.

Safety Guaranteed

One of the most outstanding features of the Kwik soccer net is its safety assurance.

All the company’s soccer nets meet the safety standard of CPSC and ASTM 

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Soccer Net

When buying a soccer net, there are some factors one should consider to avoid buying an unsuitable kid.

Here are some factors you must keep in mind as you make your decision on the soccer net you should purchase.

Material Construction

To get the best soccer net performance, it is important to know the main material from which the net is constructed from.

The three main materials used for soccer nets are the HTTP ( High Tenacity Polypropylene), Polyethylene (PE), and nylon.

The most commonly used materials are polyethylene and nylon. HTTP is usually used for high-end nets, and they are available in various sizes.

Net Style

The type of net-making style used for your soccer net is also vital as it will greatly determine the strength of your soccer net.

The three different styles used in making soccer goal nets include:

  • Twisted - This is one of the most common styles used in soccer net making. This type of net-making gives flexibility, strength, and durability.
  • Braided - This style is mostly used in colleges or professional settings. It is the most robust netting style available.
  • Knotless - This is a solid design net that provides maximum strength to the net.

Kwik Goal soccer net comes with a combination of braided and knotless style net, which makes them a very durable option. 

Net Size

The size of soccer nets varies. So, you must make the right choice of the net size you need.

You don’t want to install an oversized net as they have post-installment sagging issues.

There are standard nets made for various standard goal frames. The ideal size for the backyard is 4’ by 6’.

If you have a youth 6.5’ by 12’ goal, you will need a soccer net of 6.5’ by 12’ to accommodate it.

Net Depth

The depth of the soccer net also varies. Some advanced goals have more depth and space inside the goal than others.

If you have this type of goal, then the soccer net you have should suit this kind of frame. Then it is better to go for nets with three or more dimensions.

Rope Size

The rope size of the soccer nets varies. They range from 2mm, 2.5 mm, 3mm, and so on.

To determine the thickness of your soccer net, you should know what you want. The thickness of the soccer net depends on the quality of the soccer net.

Most low-end soccer nets have 2mm thickness. In contrast, high-end soccer nets are more advanced and durable and can withstand more forceful shots. This makes them suitable for elite players. These ropes range from 3mm to 3.5mm.

If the goal you are purchasing will be used by 12 years old and more, buy a net 3mm thick. This is because purchasing a net with lesser thickness may easily break.

Mesh Width

Another important factor to look out for when buying a soccer net is the mesh width. The mesh width determines the durability of the net.

Most of the best soccer nets are 120mm wide. Others come in a tighter knit mesh of 3.5 or 5.5 inches.

Other features

Some soccer nets come with features like fasteners. The fasteners include bars, clips, etch that helps secure the net to the frame.

Some Kwik soccer nets have Velcro strips that help to secure the net frame.

The Dimensions of a Soccer Goal

The goal should be placed in the middle of the goal line. The goal should be square, rectangular, elliptical, or round.

According to FIFA, the distance between the inside of the post is 8 yards (7.32m). The distance from the lower edge of the crossbar to the ground should be 2.44m

Also, the goalpost and the goal line must be white with the same width and depth, which mustn’t exceed five ins (12cm).

For NCAA, the goal post should be superimposed on the goal of the same width and depth. It should have two posts and at an equal distance from the corner of the flag and 7.32m apart.

It should also be joined by a horizontal crossbar with 2.44m from the ground. The width and diameter of the goal should not also be less than 4 inches or more than 5 inches apart.

Also, the goal size for U13+ is 8 by 24 inches, U11 to U12 is & by 21 inches.

Those for U9 to U10 are 6 by 18 inches, U4 to U18 are 4 by 8 inches. Meanwhile, that of FUTSAL is 6’7’’ by 9’10’’.

Why Do You Find Soccer Goals in Different Sizes?

Soccer goals come in various sizes because it is meant to serve the requirement of diverse coaches, leagues, and trainers.

For instance, kids will not be able to use the same soccer goal as adults as they will not get the best experience from it.

In the same way, players who want to enhance their shooting accuracy should get a smaller soccer net.

How Do You Know Your Soccer Net is Right for Your Soccer Goal?

To know if the soccer net is suitable for your goal, it has to meet the following criteria.


The size of the soccer net should fit perfectly to the soccer goal you have.

So, if you have a 6.5 by 12-Inch youth soccer goal, you will need a 6.5 by 12-Inch soccer net.


Another area you should look into is depth. If the soccer goal you have has depth, then you should also have a depth to fit the frame.

Final Words

Soccer players need to use the best soccer net when it comes to practicing.

Our top pick of the best Kwik Goal soccer net is the Kwik Goal 3.5-Inch Mesh Net.

It can be used in all kinds of playgrounds, and it's also easy to set up.

Also, the high tenacity polypropylene (HTTP) material makes it last long and resistant to UV rays.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, the Kwik Goal 4mm HTPP net is perfect.

The net comes with one of the best netting available, HTTP (high tenacity polypropylene) material. It also meets with the CPSC and ASTM standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best soccer goal ever?

The best soccer goal ever is 12x6 FORZA Alu110 freestanding stadium box soccer goal.

Other great soccer goal producers are F26, ITFA, etc.

What is a full-size soccer net?

A full-size soccer net is 24ft x 8ft.

What is the size of a youth soccer goal?

The size of youth soccer goal is 8 by 24ft.

What are soccer nets made of?

 Soccer nets are made of polyethylene (PE), High Tenacity Polypropylene (HTTP), or nylon.

Nylon and PE are the most commonly used material used for making soccer nets.

What size soccer goal should I buy?

The size of the soccer goal you should buy depends on the age of the player.

According to the soccer league, here are the different goal sizes used. You can pick the right one for you.          

  • 6 to 7 years olds should use 4ft high and 6ft wide.
  • 8-years should use 6.5ft high and 12ft wide.
  • 9-years should use 6.5ft high and 18.5ft wide.
  • 10 to 13 years should use 6.5 to 7ft high and 18 to 21ft wide.
  • 13-years to adults should use 8ft high and 24ft wide.

Should I get a permanent or portable soccer goal?

Deciding to get a permanent or portable soccer goal depends on the space you want to use it.

If you will be using it in a fixed location, it is best to buy a permanent one. Also, you should consider if the net will be obstructing you in times when you are not [laying.

Also, you should consider how often you plan on using the goal. If it's for a competitive purpose, then a permanent goal is the best option.

If the goal will be used regularly, then it is best to install it permanently.

What are soccer goals made from?

Soccer goals are made from plastic or metal material.

Plastic goals are more affordable, easy to install, foldable, and have less weight.

Metal nets are more expensive and are used for competitive and professional games.

Do I need to buy a soccer goal with depth or without depth?

Buying a soccer goal with depth or without depth depends on the purpose of purchasing the goal.

Goals with depth and have more space inside are suitable for goalies. They are also made of high-quality material.

Goals without depth have less space and are fit for practice than for competition.

How much does a regulation soccer net cost?

 Aregulation soccer net's cost varies.

They range from $91 to some hundreds of dollars.

Is the assembly process difficult for setting up a casual soccer net?

The assembly process for setting up a casual soccer net is not difficult. It depends.

Some soccer nets can take as little as ten minutes to assemble.

This is due to the design material, and the time it takes to fix the net to the frame.

Some nets can be attached and assembled immediately after removing them from the package, while others can take a long time to assemble.

It is wise to check the manufacturer's details about the average time it will take to assemble the net.

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