The Best Soccer Rebounder Reviews [2021]: An In-Depth Analysis of the Top Soccer Rebounders

The Best Soccer Rebounder Reviews: Best Options for High Bounce Back & Field Performance

Playing soccer comes with plenty of fun. The game is fascinating whether you are playing on a university squad, junior league, or starting your team.

Soccer requires players to learn striking, ball control, and other defensive tactics. So you need lots of daily practice sections to master it. To hone your soccer skill, we have come up with the best soccer rebounder reviews.

Soccer rebounders enable players to practice even without the help or absence of their friends or a coach. Therefore, we have put together the best soccer rebounder for excellent game performance.

What is a Rebounder Net?

A rebounder net is created to improve players' ball control and skills. It is great for both solo and team practice sessions and suitable for outfield players and goalkeepers [1].

The rebound net can also enable players to work on their reaction time and ball-handling skills.

Rebounder nets vary in size and can have different rebound effects.

10 Best Soccer Rebounders


Skill Level




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1. FORZA Soccer Rebound Wall

Editor's Choice






2. GoSports Rebounder

Editor's Choice



Nylon, Aluminum



3. Open Goaaal USA- Soccer Goal Bundle

Best for Multi-Function






4.Morimoe Soccer Rebounder






5. RapidFire Mega X Soccer Rebounder






6. Goalrilla Striker Soccer Rebound Trainer

Best for All-Skill Level



Steel, Nylon



7.RapidFire Soccer Rebound Board



Steel, Polypropylene



8. STOROSSO- Multisport Rebounder Net






9.RapidFire Handheld Soccer Rebounder






1. FORZA Soccer Rebound Wall 

Editor's Choice

The FORZA Soccer Rebounder is perfect for players who want to enhance their ball control, passing, heading, shooting, and more.

The rebounder is available in two sizes, small and large, making it suitable for a junior or professional rebounder.

It features a high-quality, heavy-duty, galvanized steel frame for long-lasting performance. So, players can perform high-impact force without the fear of damage.

The springy design also provides a ball rebound to suit every player skill they are working on.

This soccer rebounder net is suitable for any ground surface, whether soft grass or artificial pitches. 

The assembling process of the soccer rebounder is also easy. So you can assemble it from the beginning without any assistance.

  • Large rebound net
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Multi-function
  • High rebounder
  • Easy to assemble
  • Slightly difficult to assemble

2. Open Goaaal USA- Soccer Goal Bundle 

Best for Multi-Function

Open Goaaal is one of the best soccer rebounders producers in the market. The soccer goals bundle comes in an all-in-one combination as it can be used as a training goal, rebounder, and backstop. 

So, players can set it as a goal net for practicing goal kicks. Kids now have the opportunity of practicing their game without having to chase down missed shots. This is because of the backstops that are included for uninterrupted practice sections.

The rebounder is also designed in a way that players can remove the net when not in use. Meaning, you can always remove the net when mowing your lawn. It is also an easy way to keep the net away from pets.

The thick steel pole is included for long-lasting use. The presence of the bungee and guy ropes also provide a high-quality ball effect and game performance.

  • Compact design
  • Efficient
  • For all ages
  • Easy to fold
  • Flexible usage
  • Slightly difficult to maintain
  • A bit pricey

3Morimoe Soccer Rebounder

If you are searching for a soccer rebounder with a wide range of use, then the Morimoe soccer rebounder is the solution.

The rebounder has an extensive range of durability with its steel frame construction, meaning players can use it for a long time.

The advanced net construction is made from polyethylene to give a more elastic soccer rebound force. It is also suitable for baseball practice, volleyball, and other games.

Assembling and disassembling the rebound soccer net is easy with an easy click and twist screw.

The lightweight nature also makes it easy to carry to whichever destination.

Now, players can practice various goal training with the adjustable angle and stable anchors that prevent toppling.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable angle
  • Wide range use
  • Durable steel material
  • Slightly difficult to collapse
  • Steel may easily peel

4. RapidFire Mega X Soccer Rebounder

The RapidFire Mega X soccer rebounder comes in small and large sizes to suit junior and senior players. So, players can either choose between the variations for a perfect practice time.

It is innovatively manufactured to provide a more tailored ball delivery - both ground and aerial ball delivery. 

Now players can enjoy both long-lasting use and stability with its thick 38mm OD galvanized steel construction. The rebounder is also designed to protect against deterioration and can be used in all weather. 

There are no tools required to get this rebounder up and running, as its snap button makes it ready for play in minutes.

For more consistency and delivery, it is equipped with a 2mm knotless polyethylene with a 28mm net mesh.

  • Variation sizes
  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Adjustable angles
  • Convenient assembling process
  • Net saving technology
  • A bit difficult to open and fold

5.Goalrilla Striker Soccer Rebound Trainer

Goalrilla has been in the business of manufacturing exceptional soccer rebounders for years, and this Striker is not different.

The rebounder offers both a goal and a double-sided, ultra-responsive rebounding net. Meaning players can choose to improve their ball attacking and receiving skills without the help of a partner.

That’s not all! The goal area has a high rebound to give players more options. So, you can practice goalkeeping or shooting skill without needing to retrieve the ball.

Made from high-quality powder-coated steel and nylon net, the Goalrilla Striker is built to last you for a long time.

For more flexibility, players can practice either on the field or at home as it comes with lightweight construction. It is also easy to assemble and disassemble with a compact design that fits it to a truck.

You can practice trapping, throwing, and more with one tool as it is perfect for all ages and skill levels.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable material
  • Two-in-one tool
  • Easy to use

6. RapidFire Soccer Rebound Board 

Best for Professionals

The RapidFire Soccer Reboard is perfect for players who want a blend of quality, delivery, and performance.

This soccer rebound trainer comes with high-resistant polypropylene composite material to give players improved game performance and durability.

The lightweight build also makes it easy to store or carry the soccer trainer anywhere you want. You can easily tuck it into your truck with its foldable legs for easy flat-pack storage

There is also an adjustable angle that can be changed to suit every player's training pattern.

This RapidFire provides a great way to improve your ball control skill, passing techniques, and more. The angle legs enhance grip to all surfaces, whether indoors or outdoor practice. Meaning you can enjoy high stability while focusing on your game.

 The soccer rebounder is available in a single-player or pair option to suit your training type.
  • Multi-skill training
  • Dual-angle rebounder
  • Easy to store
  • Lightweight
  • Compact build

7. STOROSSO- Multisport Rebounder Net

It is not surprising to find STOROSSO in these best soccer rebounder reviews. The company is known for producing next-generation training equipment, and this Multisport is no exception.

The Multisport rebound soccer net comes with mouth-watering features for not just soccer; you can use it for volleyball training too.

First, it features seven angles adjustable options. So you can tilt it to the exact slants for your practice.

It also comes with two ground stakes to keep it perfectly fitted and ready to take the hardest strikes.

The sturdy material construction makes the rebounder great for training in all weather. Meaning you don’t have to worry about frame damage or deterioration.

For easy movement and storage, it comes with a fold-away frame. Assembling this Storosso rebounder is hassle-free. It comes with a carrying bag for easy transport and protection.

  • Easy to install
  • 7 adjustable angles
  • Sturdy material
  • High rebounding
  • Compact design
  • Folding may be slightly difficult
  • Paint may wear off

8. RapidFire Handheld Soccer Rebounder

If you are a player who wants to improve your goalkeeping skills fast, then the RapidFire handheld soccer rebounder is what you need.

This product comes in a 1.7x1.7ft to give players close or far range goalkeeping coaching sections.

It is equipped with two easy-grip handles to give coaches full control of the ball trajectory during practice. Meaning, players can enjoy practices in their weak goalkeeping areas.

This best soccer rebounder for goalkeeping is also equipped with a heavy-duty polyethylene net to provide high, unpredictable bounces. It also provides long-lasting use with its high-quality steel finish to give players long-lasting performance.

 It is suitable for backyards and pre-match warm-ups. Also included is a carrying bag for more mobility and functions
  • Easy to grip handles
  • Portable build
  • High bounces
  • Long-lasting performance
  • High strength steel frames
  • Cannot be used without a partner
  • Small net area

9.RapidFire RF150 Rebounder


The RapidFire RF150 comes with an updated technology to bring a whole new renovation to your training sessions.

It comes in a double-sided rebounder to make it easy to play the ball from every angle. Meaning, players can train simultaneously. Each side can also be programmed to produce different ounce effects.

This item is equipped with a quick-release pin that converts it from a horizontal to a vertical angle rebounder. The detachable angle allows players to alter the angle to suit their game, whether at horizontal or vertical angles.

 The rebounder is an excellent choice for practicing catching, ball control, speed reaction, and more. It is also suitable for cricket, rugby, field hockey, and more.
  • Dual angle approach
  • Waterproof performance
  • Foldable design
  • Innovative angle adjuster
  • For multiple games

Types of Soccer Rebounders

There are different types of soccer rebounders. Just the way the needs of players vary, so do the rebounders.

Some players may need passing and ball control enhancement, while others need to master the goal sticking part of the game. Here are the various types of rebounders

Basic Rebounders

The basic rebounders are those used for light skill practice. The rebounder net is flexible and mounted with bungee cords. 

These types of rebounders are usually designed straight. On most occasions, the rebounder is used for improving accuracy, passing drills, and first touch accuracy.

The only drawback is that the bounce-back of the net is not quite much.

Angled Rebounder

The angled rebounders are designed to return the ball in a height that players can control with their knee, head, chest, etc.

Most angled rebounders allow players to hit the net from both sides. The side facing down produces the ball towards the ground.

Striking Rebounder

These types of rebounders are ideal for wingers, strikers, and midfielders. They are also suitable for players who desire to put the ball in the net.

Practicing with a striking rebounder requires a lot of effort in your practice sessions as you learn to control power shots.

This is because you have to blast a hard shot to give you the kind of result you want, which is to get the ball into the net.

Adjustable or Dual-Net Rebounders

Some rebounders have dual nets. The nets can be adjusted to various angles, which the player prefers at the same time. The hinge at the middle provides this function, making them a great training tool to be used in various ways.

A dual net rebounder also makes it possible for two players to practice at the same time.

Multi-Task Soccer Rebounder

These are soccer rebounders that serve other sports practicing functions. They are specifically designed for soccer but can be used for practicing other sports like baseball, volleyball, etc.

Why You Might Want to Get a Soccer Rebounder

There are various benefits associated with the use of a soccer rebounder. The benefits are different for every player.

If you are a goalkeeper, a soccer rebounder will give you various shots to practice ball saving. This is possible when you adjust the tension and angle of the rebounder.

It also gives single players the time to improve in their ball target when in a confined area.

In cases where you have more space to move, the rebounder can enable you to practice various skills.

Examples of skills you can learn are receiving high-speed floorball and lofted passes. A dual-sided soccer rebounder is the best for this job.

If you are a striker, the rebounder will help you practice your finish for high performance. It also allows you to focus on your practice.

How to Choose the Best Soccer Rebounders

It is essential to select the right soccer rebounder when buying a soccer rebounder. Here are the factors to consider when choosing the best soccer rebounder.

Frame Quality

It is vital to select a soccer rebounder with quality poles and tubing. One of the best frame materials for building a quality soccer rebounder is steel or aluminum. Steel is used the most because of its durable and sturdy nature.

Aluminum is also a great option. It is lighter than steel and more affordable.

Netting Quality

To get a high and sufficient rebound, you need a net quality net rebounder. Most of the best soccer rebounders are made of nylon, polyethylene, or polypropylene [2].

Some other soccer rebounders also come with waterproof build and UV nets that do not easily deteriorate.


One of the factors to consider when thinking about the size of a soccer rebounder. Small soccer rebounders are ideal if you are a player that wants to master shot accuracy.

A large soccer rebounder is ideal for players who want to enhance their shot strength.

The size after folding the rebounder is also important. After folding your rebounder the size should be small enough to fit in the trunk.


Weight is another essential factor to consider if you want to get a soccer rebounder. This is especially true when you will be walking with it for long distances.

It is advisable to buy lightweight rebounders as they are easy to move and usually come in portable sizes.

Even so, you don’t need to get a soccer rebounder that is too light. This is because it can easily get blown over by wind or easily get knocked down by a powerful shot.

Best Soccer Rebounder Brands


FORZA is a leading sports product manufacturing company. The company has been making sports supplies for materializing every player's dream. The headquarter is located in Wrexham, United.


GoSport is a US-based company. They specialize in making top-notch rebounders. Most of their products have various designs to give unpredictable ball returns.

Open Goaaal USA

This is a revolutionary producer of soccer training products. They have years of experience in the business to meet the needs of various skill levels.


Morimoe is an outstanding soccer training tool producer. The company aims to give players a great training experience as they hone their playing and goalkeeping skills.


This brand specializes in manufacturing outstanding and effective soccer rebounders. They have various products to suit a large range of customers.


The company was established in 1991 and made great sports gadgets to bring out the best of players in the game.


STOROSSO has been producing next-generation equipment for years. The company is dedicated to producing high-quality companies through designs and innovative development.

How Much Should You Spend on a Soccer Rebounder?

The amount you should spend on a rebounder depends on what you need to use it for.

If you intend to use the rebounder for frequent soccer training, you need a tough build rebounder. They usually come with powder-coated steel, and these usually cost a lot of money.

If you are buying it for your kid or will seldom use it, then you need a simple product like the single net, which is quite affordable.

Also, if you will be going with the rebounder to the pitch, then you will need a lighter, compact one which is also quite expensive.

The size is also a factor because bigger rebounders cost more than smaller-sized ones. This is very true for regular goal-size nets.

Soccer Rebounder Drills

A soccer rebounder helps players replicate the various skills needed to practice. Some of the soccer rebounder drills needed to develop your passing, heading, shooting, and receiving skills are:

Passing Drills

The passing drill is the first skill every soccer player practices at every level of their game. To succeed in the game, you and your team should master ball possession with great passing and ball control.

You can practice work and also develop passes. The rebounder is also suitable for drilling long-range passes. You can perform these drillings by increasing your practice area and strike the ball with different parts of your leg.

Volleyed Passing Drills

This drill helps you practice various packing drills using different soccer rebounds. You can do this when the soccer rebounder throws the ball in the air, allowing you to return it with a volleyed pass.

The various ways the soccer rebounder brings the ball back varies and depends on given angles and adjustments. This makes it easy to test your control and touches when practicing.

Final Words

Soccer players require rebounders for everyday practice to improve their game skills and performance.

Our top pick from the best soccer rebounder review is the FORZA Soccer Rebound Wall.

It features a large rebound surface and can also be used as a goal net. Its durable frame and net also produce high rebound action.

GoSports Rebounder is our budget-friendly option. Plus, it is equipped with an adjustable frame for more angled practice.

If you need a rebounder for multiple functions, the Open Goaaal USA- Soccer Goal Bundle is great. You can use it for soccer goal rebounders and backstops practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are soccer rebounders any good?

Yes, soccer rebounders are good.

They are among the most valuable tools for players to enhance their game skills alone or with a team.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and they can assist players in practicing various drills for high performance.

What is the best soccer rebounder?

Forza soccer rebound wall is the best soccer rebounder.

Aside from that, other great soccer rebounder brands are Goalrilla, Goalsport, Morimoe, and more.

What is the best soccer rebounder for kids?

SKLZ Quickset soccer trainer is the best soccer rebounder for kids.

It is important to choose a soccer rebounder with a large net for kids. This will make it easy for them to master their skill and accuracy fast.

What’s the best soccer rebounder for teens and adults?

A smaller soccer rebounder will is the best for teens and adults. It enhances their skill and accuracy for strikes, long passes, and crosses.

What kind of net do I need?

You need a net that ranges from 3 to 3.5 mm in thickness. This is because rebounder nets get more impact shots than the regular soccer net.

The regular soccer net has a thickness of 2mm, and it doesn’t receive as much strain as a rebounder.

How do you make a soccer rebound?

You can make a soccer rebound by using wood and a large board. Cut the wood and add a ledger, and center it from side to side.

Using a drill, attach the ledger to the board. After that, measure and cut two utility lumber to act as diagonal support and drill it from one end of the piece to another.

Position the legs and tilt the bottom of the board so that the top can rebound the ball.

Is it easy to set up a rebounder?

Yes, it is easy to set up a rebounder, although it varies with the type of rebounder you are going for.

A typical soccer rebounder takes about five minutes or more.

What is the ideal thickness of the roping on a rebounder?

The ideal thickness of the roping on a rebounder is 40”.

Can I train with a partner on a rebounder?

Yes, you can train with a partner on a rebounder. In fat, it adds more fun to the workout or training.

Can I build a DIY rebounder at home?

Sure, you can build a DIY rebounder at home using scrap wood and trellis netting.

However, a homemade rebounder will not produce a great rebounding effect as a professional training tool will.

How do I know a premium soccer rebounder net?

A premium rebounder will offer a more rebounding effect, durable, and can withstand high ball impact with great delivery.

Are Soccer Rebounder Nets Good For Team Practice?

Yes, soccer rebounder nets are good for team practice.

Most professional coaches in the globe use soccer rebounder nets during team practice.

They mainly use warm-up drills to concentrate players' reactions on time before the training session or match.

Do Professional Teams Use Soccer Rebounders?

Yes, most professional teams use soccer rebounders throughout the Premier League and MLS. It is mainly used during specialized training drills to enable strikers and attackers to play the ball for heading for the goal.

What are the different soccer skills which can be improved using a soccer rebounder?

You can use a soccer rebounder to improve your passing drills, touch, shooting, control, passing accuracy, speed, and agility