best ice hockey tape review

Best Hockey Stick Tape of 2018 Review

Taping your blade can be fun and creative with all sorts of patterns out there. It can also be confusing for any new comers to the sport, that’s why we made this review to show you how to tape your stick and choose the right tape.

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Why do hockey players tape their sticks?

If you’re new to the sport, you probably don’t know why we tape our sticks…. I sure know I didn’t. I just did it because everyone else did. But the real reason behind tape is to prolong the life of your stick and keep grip of the puck.

The tape keeps moisture out and so does a little wax like our last review covered. It overall puts you in control and makes your stick last in a nutshell.

How to tape a hockey stick

It took me a lot of try’s to get this down and I promise you, you will haft to try a few times.. or it just might come easy to you, who knows. There’s a lot of different ways players like to do this so we will just keep it simple here for you.

  1. Start at the heel and start wrapping forward
  2. Make sure the tape is even on both sides and push out any bubbles along the way
  3. Once you’ve got the tape to where you want, go ahead and cut it and end the tape job
  4. Rub your wax on there to smooth it out and seal it.

how to tape a hockey stick

There ya go! You now have you blade taped. But what about the handle? We’ll show you how to do that too!

This is a lot easier to do, trust me…

  1. Start out with a napkin or something where you want your knob
  2. Start wrapping tape around that nob until you get the thickness to prefer
  3. Start wrapping down to where your elbow lays to mark where to put the non dominant hand

Okay, for all you visual learners out there, we’ve provided a video to make this a lot easier.

So let’s get on with the actual review shall we?

Best Hockey Tape

Howie’s Hockey Tape Review

I put Howies tape at the top of my list because it does everything it’s suppose to and more.. I mean the tape lasts like a champ.  It has great grip and sticks very well. I’d have to say the best part of it is it’s so easy to apply to the stick when taping and stay’s on. By far the highest quality as well. If you’re just looking for some good high quality hockey tape, Howie is the way to go.

A&R Sports Black Hockey Tape

A&R has been around for a long time and has a wide variety of products. Their tape is a great classic choice for what you put on the blade of your stick. The tape has a wicked grip and allows for great control of the puck! I would definitely recommend you try this tape out.

Renfrew White Hockey Tape

This is a great tape because it is so easy to apply to your stick with and rip to get that tape job you were looking for. The only con I would give it is it does tear a little easy on the ice unfortunately if you are not using wax. Other than that it grips like a champ and is actually very light weight. I’ve used this tape a lot and will use it again.

American Flag Tape

Can we not get anymore American than this?? Represent the United States with this bright beautiful American flag hockey tape. A product of Comp-O-Stick, great company that has been making high quality hockey equipment for years now. Their tape has impressed me with lasting so long and gripping so well.

Batman Tape

Now we all know you’re the coolest player when you have Batman tape on your stick! Be different and hop on the ice with something that will catch people’s eye. You will definitely get some looks!

Camo Tape

Player’s won’t even see the puck when you go by! From the great company Renfrew, you have an awesome camo tape here with good quality and great grip! This would be great for veterans day as well or any occasion!