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Roller Hockey Pucks

Being an avid hockey player, I spend a lot of time out on my driveway practicing and just having fun in general.

Different street pucks work better than others obviously and street balls work great as well. I have tried a number of different street pucks and let's just say that some aren't worth mentioning. However, we found the best street hockey puck for you!

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Difference Between Street Hockey Pucks And Balls

street hockey pucks

Player's have their opinions on which is better and for me it's about what are you doing? Are you training or just having fun? If you are training I would go with a very low bounce ball or a Green Biscuit, and if you are just having fun I would go with just a regular street puck like the Pro Guard mentioned below in the review.

Best Street Hockey Pucks & Balls (2021)




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1. Green Biscuit Puck

Editor's Choice



2. Green Biscuit Roller Puck



3. Bauer Hydro G Ball

Editor's Choice



4. A&R Low Bounce Street Ball



1. Green Biscuit Puck

Best Street Hockey Puck (Editor's Choice)

I'm going to say go with the snipe because it is virtually indestructible. The original version was very easy to break and you couldn't shoot it! The Green Biscuit is a great choice because if you have a cracked drive way, it will rarely flip or go on it's side because it's so heavy.

This is great for training because it's about the same weight of real ice puck and heavy to shoot strengthening you shot. This is an outstanding puck for training.

2. Green Biscuit Roller Puck

Best Roller Hockey Puck (Editor's Choice)

I have been using this one for fun since 2015 because it's literally one of the most fun pucks out there to play with and it slides so well on asphalt. The lightness of it makes it really easy to handle and is great for beginners but fun for all players to use.

You can really make these pucks fly as well when you put the shot on them. One that I will always use when playing on the drive way for sure.

3. A&R Sports Street Hockey Puck

This is a great heavy puck for passing and game play, but make sure if you are playing in a game and get hit by this thing it will hurt. I will work great on smooth concrete and is exactly what you need if you want a good heavy puck that will slide good and shoot well. Definitely recommend checking this one out.

Best Street Hockey Balls

1. A&R Sports Hockey Low Bounce Ball

The A&R's are very low bounce and work great for me. I feel like I can take a slap shot with them and not worry about it flying off into the neighbors yard. The handling is pretty easy and has improved my skills tremendously after practicing with for a while.

I love how easy and fun these are to use and highly recommend you trying them if you've never used balls instead of pucks.

2. Bauer Hydro G Street Hockey Ball 

Best Street Hockey Ball (Editor's Choice)

The classic Franklin street balls are a great pick for playing out on the driveway. They are very dense so there's more control there and work great in any weather. The control is almost effortless and lifts off the ground very easily for that top shelf shot.

When you go for a slap shot, these things will soar and gives a satisfying feeling overall.

3. A&R Sports Roller Hockey Ball

Now this is not for street hockey but for when you are inside on a smooth surface like at the rink where the floor is absorbing for ice skates. This is a great warm up tool before games or practice and can be a lot of fun and addicting. Me and my team mates would always pass these around in the locker room, it's a great tool and I thought was very worth mentioning

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