The Best Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine for Ultimate Ball Control

Using a tennis ball machine is one of the most effective ways to improve your game skills. If you don’t have a coach, training can become tiring.

But with a tennis ball machine, you can play and practice any game drill you want. So, we have come up with the best Spinshot tennis ball machine to serve as your hitting partner.

Spinshot produces affordable and high-tech tennis ball machines. Their ball machines have been helping players to improve their game skills without limitation for better game performance.

Here are the best tennis ball machines to get the most from your budget without sacrificing results.

All You Need to Know about Spinshot

Spinshot has been in the ball machine production for years. The company has various distributors worldwide, with its head offices in New York and Canada.

This brand is known for top-notch tennis ball machines with cutting-edge technology to enable players to experience the best game time.

The company deals with ball machine production, tennis balls, power options, batteries, chargers, and other accessories.

How Does a Tennis Ball Machine Work?

The tennis ball machine is constructed to shoot a ball across the net. The shot is perfect for both amateur and professional players.

But, how does this machine work?

The mechanics of the tennis ball machine launcher is simple.

It works with the aid of a counter-rotating wheel. When you turn on the machine, an electric fan rotates, pulling in air from the outside.

The air is forced into the canister and flows through a layer of foams and screen barrier before getting to the fan motor. This is to protect debris from entering the fan motor.

For channeling the ball into the landing area, an electric motor triggered by a hopper is used. The wheel forces the ball with pressure squeezing them through the small opening called detent.

When the ball gathers at the detent, it forms an airtight seal at the end of the seal. At the same time, the plastic flap fall generates air pressure which pushes the ball by overpowering the detent. The result is the ball that shoots from the barrel into the court [1].

When the ball has been released, the pressure reduces, causing the entrance to flap, releasing another ball to the tube. This process continues until the ball finishes.

5 Best Spinshot Tennis Ball Machines


Skill Level



Check Now

1. Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

Editor's Choice





2. Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model

Best Model for Junior Player





3.Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine

Best for Installation




4. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

Best Model for Easy Use





5. Spinshot  Plus Tennis Ball Machine

Best Model for an Intermediate Player





1. Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine

Editor's Choice

It is no doubt that Spinshot used some of the most improved technology creating the Spinshot Player. The ball machine comes in a revolutionary design that allows you to program the shot direction, height, speed, and spin.

Playing tennis has never been more interesting as players can now enjoy various shots with the 12 pre-programmed drills.

No need to worry about storage as transferring and storing the device is easier with the extended looper. Also, the compact square shape makes storing it at the back of a truck simple.

The Spinshot Player has an easy-to-use front panel control option and phone remote app.

We love the flexible power option that allows you to switch to either electricity or battery.

  • Flexible power option
  • Easy to use
  • Freephone app
  • De-Jam design
  • Programmable drills
  • Shots may be too fast
  • The app may slightly malfunction

2. Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model 

Best Model for Junior Player

The Spinshot Lite training machine comes with all the necessary functions to make tennis more interesting for junior players.

This model features a compact, square-shaped design for easy moving around the field. The adjustable extended handle also makes tagging along with the machine effortless.

The metal build makes the machine easy to wipe for a shiny, glossy look on the court.

Its battery is rechargeable and positioned on the outside. Meaning you can easily change the battery without opening the power cage.

This tennis machine uses both power and battery, so you can use anyone you want for long-lasting game time.

It also features a smartwatch remote option and can house 50 balls.

  • Easy control knob
  • Horizontal oscillation option
  • Flexible power option
  • Portable design
  • Smartwatch option
  • 50 ball limited
  • Not so suitable for experts.

3Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball

Best for Professionals

If you are looking for a tennis ball machine with both comfort and function, then you are in luck. The Spinshot Plus-2 is a combination of the original Plus and the Player models.

It is equipped with an easily readable OLED screen for easy control. All you have to do is press the button to save all your favorite drills.

The presence of a control panel also makes configuring the oscillation panel fast.

For easy transport and storage, the tennis ball machine comes with an adjustable extended handle.

This 120 ball capacity carrier is an excellent choice for players who love to play the game for an extended period. It also comes with a free phone remote app suitable for Android or iPhone.

  • Durable construction
  • Very portable
  • Easy to use
  • Readable OLED screen
  • Autosave oscillations

4. Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine 

Best Model for Easy Use

One of the first features you will notice with the Spinshot Pro is its easy-to-use functions. It comes with a simple one-button design that allows the player to switch it on or off easily.

The presence of a multifunction speed option produces the ball at speed, starting at 20kmh to as much as 110kmh. Meaning players can adjust it to whichever speed soothes them.

Its adjustable topspin and backspin features also give players the leverage to practice various tennis styles. The horizontal oscillation function also allows the ball to be run across various angles for a fun-filled game.

The easy control remote watch also provides total control, letting you determine when you want the ball to come rolling.

  • Horizontal oscillation
  • Easy to control
  • Easy storage
  • Adjustable top and backspin
  • Compact design
  • Flexible power option

5. Spinshot Plus Tennis Ball Machine 

Best Model for an Intermediate Player

There are a variety of unique features that make this Spinshot model rank as the best Spinshot tennis ball machine.

It features easy-to-configure app settings that allow users to save the parameters of their favorite oscillations. Settings are also automatically saved for easy usage on the next game.

The extended, square-shaped hopper makes it easy to transfer and store the system. To give players more shot range, the tennis ball machine delivers both horizontal and vertical oscillations.

Its ball speed control makes simulating match play from the machine easier. And we love the metal design, which makes cleaning the machine easy.

  • Easy transport
  • Freephone remote
  • Easy oscillation setting
  • Patent De-BallJam design
  • 120 ball capacity
  • Slightly difficult to operate

Things to Look Out For in a Tennis Ball Machine  

Buying a tennis ball machine can be quite challenging, especially with the numerous options out there. So, here are some tips to help you find the best machine that is suitable for your training.

Ball Capacity

The ball capacity is one of the essential features to check when purchasing a tennis ball machine.

The more balls a tennis ball machine can carry, the fewer interruptions you will face trying to pick balls. Some tennis ball machines have 60, 120, and even 300 ball capacity.

Our pros advise that players should buy tennis ball machines with more capacity, especially when you require more training.


The speed of the ball is also important. The speed depends on how fast the accelerator triggers the motor.

Speed varies from about 20mph to over 120mph.

Beginners are advised to start with machines with slower speed.

Some machines have adjustable speed, which is better as they give the player more choice.

Horizontal Acceleration

The angle of acceleration is what enables the ball to shoot in various directions. Most ball machines are equipped with a swivel device that aligns the acceleration roller to either the right or left.

Horizontal acceleration is responsible for shooting the ball to various places on the court. It also allows you to change between the forehand and backstroke.

So, if you aim to develop your forehand and backhand stroke, you must check for this function in your machine.

Thankfully, most Spinshot and Lobster tennis ball machines have this feature.

Vertical Acceleration

The vertical acceleration of a ball machine helps to adjust the height of the ball shot.

Most machines allow you to adjust the angle, speed, and height of the ball. Vertical acceleration also has options for choosing between drop shot, lobs, volley, and other strokes.

Some of the best tennis ball machines come with both vertical and horizontal acceleration functions.

Ball Spin

Ball spin occurs in the tennis machine when the two rollers run at the same speed. It is important for players who find it difficult to hit spin balls.

Ball spin consists of topspin and slice balls. When the upper roller of the machine runs faster than the lower one, its result is topspin. If the lower roller runs faster than the upper one, it creates a slice.


 Having the right to program your machine to suit your basic need is very important to any player. 

For this reason, machine customization is important. Some of the best tennis ball machines have buttons for switching to training mode. Others have programs for distributing the ball anywhere in the field and their sequence you prefer.

Power Option

Tennis ball machines have battery-operated models, one that allows you to connect to electricity.

Other models come with both battery-powered and electric functions. This model is the best as they give room for flexible use in areas with or without electricity.

The batteries are also rechargeable, making them the best option to get a more long-lasting practice time.

Remote Control

For more flexibility and comfort, most tennis ball machines come with remote control for changing the programming as you play.

Other tennis ball machines come with smart wristwatches and apps that work with Android and iPhones [2].

Portability and Comfort

Since you will have to be transporting the machine often, you must pay attention to the machine’s weight. Most tennis ball machines have compact builds that make them fit a car truck.

Some also have adjustable, extended handles and wheels for easy transport around the field.


When buying a new or used tennis ball machine, it is important to check for durability. Most of the tennis ball machines come in high-quality metal or plastic. Some also have glossy surfaces for easy maintenance and resistance to harsh weather.

For more assurance, some manufacturers also warranty the product.

Why You Might Want to Buy a Spinshot Tennis Ball Machine

Certain features make the Spinshot tennis ball machine different from other brands in the market. These features apply to all their machines.

Here is why you need to buy a Spinshot tennis ball machine for your games.


All Spinshot tennis ball machines are constructed with high-quality material. The company has been revolutionizing the tennis game world with their high-quality, and long-lasting machine make.

The machines are also known for their lightweight designs that make them fit in car trucks.

Multiple Power Options

One of the outstanding features of Spinshot is the ability to use both battery and main power options. The machine batteries can stay for over 3 hours of play, which is commendable compared to other market brands.


Most Spinshot tennis ball machines have a remote control function that allows the user to operate them from afar. Some models also come with apps that are easy to use for Android and iPhone for free. The app is also compatible with Apple Watch.

The remote makes it easy for users to stop and start ball feedback. It also makes it easy to switch between drills.


Spinshot tennis ball machines are known for producing high-speed balls up to 68mph. The speed is also adjustable and can be reduced to as little as 18mph.


Most Spinshot tennis ball machines have a warranty, thereby giving customers more confidence for their purchase.

Who Will Benefit From Using Tennis Ball Machines?

Using a tennis ball machine will greatly benefit everyone, especially those who get the most from the ball machine. However, some groups benefit more than others. Here are a few groups that benefit more from using table tennis.


Ball machines make it easy for beginners to improve their skills better by constantly hitting balls. It also helps beginners gain confidence as they are given a consistent opportunity to gain success without criticism.


 Juniors can benefit from using ball machines, especially in tournaments. They can use it to increase their stroke production, most likely to have a breakdown when preparing for tight matches. It is also a cost-effective method for them to develop their skills.

Final Words

Tennis ball machines help lots of players to improve their game.

Our top pick for the best Spinshot tennis table machine is the Spinshot Player Tennis Ball Machine.

This ball machine features programmable drills to help players at any stage of their game. Its lightweight and compact build also make it easy to store.

If you have kids, then you should get the Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine. It has easy-to-use features.

The Spinshot Plus-2 Tennis Ball Machine has all the features to give you optimum performances, especially for professionals who want to hone their skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best tennis ball machine to buy?

The Spinshot tennis ball machine is certainly one of the best tennis ball machines to buy.

Aside from Spinshot, there are other great ball machine brands in the market like Spinfire, Lobster, Tutor Prolite, etc.

Are tennis ball machines worth it?

Yes, tennis ball machines are worth it.

They are a great way to improve practice as they provide the means to practice repetitive shots for more gaming consistency.

Where can I buy a used tennis ball machine?

You can buy used tennis ball machines on physical or online shops like Amazon, eBay, Craigslist, etc.

Do tennis ball machines improve your game?

Yes, tennis ball machines improve game performance.

They make it easy for players to focus on any type of shots, drills, and various tactics whenever they want. Thus, providing a great way to improve consistency.

Is it important to have a tennis ball machine that can produce spin?

Yes, it is important to have a tennis ball machine that can produce spin.

Having a tennis ball machine with a spin function for topspin and backspin improves game skills and tactics.

How do you practice with a tennis ball launcher?

To practice with the tennis ball launcher, take the tennis ball machine to the court and practice with the strokes you want. You can also get a professional coach to help offer you some advice while the machine delivers the ball.