Super Shooter 2 Net Review


Anyone who has a hockey net at home knows the struggles that they all come with. The problems with just any old hockey net is that the net can tear, pipes denting up and not holding up, the puck gets caught up in the net and on and on and on.?The Super Shooter 2 Net really gets rid of all those problems. ?There is no net, the pipes are ice net quality strong, and the puck comes right back to you! When I first tried the net I thought wow this is really addicting because of the instant gratification from getting it in the target. While at the same time you’re building your shooting skills and accuracy! Also it helps with hand eye?cooridanation when the puck comes back to you, you constantly have to be ready to catch it and bat it down from the air. To be honest it feels like a game and gets really addicticting and at the same time you’re building skills that will insanely increase your accuracy! The price is the only downside to this and it’s a pretty big goal but it is very well worth it and if you can’t afford this you can always try to convince your ice rink or training area to buy one as an investment. This Product is definetly pretty cool to me and I hope you guy’s thought this review was helpful.