Synthetic Ice Review

img_0071_edited-11392306139I’ve always thought the concept of synthetic ice was pretty cool and ever since I was a kid i’ve wanted a synthetic ice rink in my own back yard. I finally got to hop on some artificial ice last week for the very first time and I have to say it was definetly a cool expierience. it was a lot like real ice except you have to push harder. This is great for training because it gets you a habit to naturally work harder in your strides and just skating overall. When I got back on real ice after the synthetic ice I instantly noticed I was striding harder than I usually did. This new standard it seemed I held myself to helped me out a lot. Im not going to say it had me skating at a pro level but it did up my game tremendously and helped me out skate most players on the ice. We all know as hockey players we can be a little lazy in our strides and I know I can say this for myself. So I think that’s really the main purpose of synthetic ice and I don’t even think the makers intended on that. Besides the training aspects of synthetic ice, it’s just really fun to play on and the fact that you can set one of these anywhere is awesome in my opinion. playing with a few friends on the ice was very fun and exciting. The feel was like we were on real ice but it was seventy degrees outside! The only downside to artificial ice is that it wears down your blades fast, there’s sheds of plastic you have to keep swept off the surface, and the price. But with those downsides I still believe it’s very well worth the money and is just a good investment if you’re really serious about hockey.